Home And Away Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 6th to Friday 10th February - Formal night approaches!

This week on Home And Away, it's formal night in Summer Bay so be prepared for a night of scandal, secrets and surprising domestic abuse. Elsewhere, Miles has to make a decision whether his future lies in Summer Bay or not but is he prepared to leave old friends behind? Meanwhile, Elijah admits that he still harbours feelings for his ex Leah. With thanks to Channel 5 for this week's synopsis'!

Monday 6th February

After overhearing his friend's conversation with Leah, Miles is horrified when Elijah admits he has feelings for Leah - and even more so when, after seeing them together, he wonders if they might be reciprocated. However, as it becomes clear that Leah is none the wiser to the whole situation, Miles can't help but wonder why she ever left him in the first place. Worried that Heath is going to get mixed up with criminal Geoffrey King, Brax tries in vain to convince him to start a new life. When John sees Heath selling drugs to school kids, he urges Charlie to ignore her personal ties to the Braxtons and do her job properly. Rattled by this criticism, she seeks Heath out and finds drugs on him. After Mink leaves town without paying him back the $2000 he secretly loaned her, Romeo tries to cover it up from Indi by taking an extra job at the Surf Club. But the money isn’t great, so when he is approached by Peter - someone claiming to need information about the resort in order to apply for a sub-contractor position - Romeo agrees to help him out.

Tuesday 7th February

When Romeo agrees to obtain confidential information about the resort, he starts to take an interest in Indi’s internship. Already suspicious, Indi realises when Harvey uses the information in his campaign that it must have been Romeo who leaked the information; when she asks him why, he's forced to reveal that he loaned Mink the money. With Bianca growing increasingly convinced that Liam is unable to let go of his bachelor lifestyle, he seems to be doing little to prove to her otherwise. However, she soon discovers his behaviour is a cover for a bigger surprise when he shows up at the Surf Club with a very important question to ask. Elsewhere, despite feeling uncomfortable around Leah, Miles agrees to spend some quality time with her and VJ, only to come to make a drastic decision.

Wednesday 8th February

Dex is settling in at his new job as a nurse when he notices Dallas has returned. Worried that her son is sick again, he tries to find out what’s wrong, and in the process comes to learn that she has lost her job and is now living in her car. He decides to help her out, and convinces Roo and Alf to let her stay at the caravan park until she gets her back on her feet. Meanwhile, as she and Liam celebrate their engagement, Bianca becomes suspicious of April’s intentions for the formal and warns her against getting revenge on Dex by jumping into bed with another guy. It seems April has seen reason - until, that is, she sees Dex coming out of Dallas’s caravan and, unaware that the visit is completely innocent, jumps to the wrong conclusion. Elsewhere, despite Leah's guilt and attempts to talk him round, Miles stands firm on his decision to move to Thailand.

Thursday 9th February

Casey surprises Ruby and comes home from juvenile detention in time for the formal, leaving Dex dateless. Although Sasha agrees to step in at the last minute, she decides to call it a night when she runs into Stu and he becomes aggressive towards her. While she's waiting for a lift home, however, he returns to confront her and, after a heated exchange, slaps her across the face. When Sid arrives to catch him in the act, he sees red and takes justice into his own hands. After seeing Dex leave Dallas’s caravan the day before, April decides that her plans with Xavier are back on. Having overheard the full story from Ruby and gone on to drown his sorrows with some spiked punch, Dex tries to provoke his ex's jealousy by making a move on Dallas. When Xavier tries to make him see sense, Dex attacks him and gets kicked out, leaving April feeling foolish as her date for the night explains that he'd never have betrayed his friend by letting anything happen between them.

Friday 10th February

In the aftermath of the formal, the Walker family and Roo discover the truth about Sasha’s relationship with Stu. Although understanding of Sasha, Roo explains to Sid that she can no longer see him; the following morning, he's arrested for assault. When Heath learns that Casey is joining Brax, Ruby, and Charlie in the city, he is left disappointed and angry that his brothers are leaving Summer Bay - and him - behind. When he runs into April sitting alone at the beach crying over Dex, they confide in each other, and ultimately fall into bed together. Meanwhile, as Brax, Casey, and Ruby prepare to pack up their lives, someone from the past returns to the Bay with a score to settle.

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