Neighbours Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 6th to Friday 10th February - Toadie in trouble?

NeighboursThis week in Neighbours, Toadie looks to be in hot water over the situation with Chris as the evidence begins to point towards his father Peter. Elsewhere, things between Chris and Jade are still awkward as they struggle to ignore their feelings for each other and Kate tries to embrace her new life with the help of Emilia. With thanks to Channel 5 for the episode synopsis' for this week!

Monday 6th February

When confronted by a furious Lucas, Toadie struggles to believe Peter would be behind Chris’s attack. However, after the police ask him to help with their enquiries, he’s shocked to realise the full extent of Peter’s scheme. Toadie is interviewed but doesn’t have many answers for the strong case mounting against him. Unable to prove his innocence, could he end up being charged with Chris’s assault? Knowing Chris could be in danger, Rhys searches frantically for him and, when he finally finds him at the garage, worries it could already be too late. Forced to perform emergency surgery, Rhys improvises to get Chris breathing again before the ambulance arrives. But he’s not out of the woods yet, and Karl warns him that he could end up being held accountable if Chris doesn’t pull through. Meanwhile, when Jade bails on their girls' night out, Kate remains determined to embrace her new lifestyle - and picks up a few tips from Emilia along the way.

Tuesday 7th February

Determined to clear his name, Toadie discovers that one of the forged emails used to frame him was sent while he was in a meeting with Paul. Despite his fears that asking for an alibi might risk the story being broken in the papers, Toadie takes the risk and asks for Paul’s help. It appears to have been a wise move when Peter is pulled in for questioning, but things look bleak for the Erinsborough lawman when evidence linking him to the attack is later found in his car. Feeling resentful following the breakdown of their marriage, Karl fights for Summer to stay with him, insisting he's only thinking of her well being - despite Susan's suspicions to the contrary. Eventually they give the final say to Summer, who leaves Susan privately disappointed when she chooses to stay at the Kennedy house; however, even after this small victory, Karl feels no better. Still in recovery, Chris surprises and entertains Andrew and Summer with his uncontrollable honesty. However, things take a turn for the worse when he innocently confesses he was responsible for Andrew’s embarrassing tattoo.

Wednesday 8th February

Hoping he can investigate Peter and turn up evidence to clear Toadie, Susan turns to Paul, whose findings – and the subsequent article in the Erinsborough News – are enough to convince the council to sever ties with the development. However, with his own aims met, Paul is disinterested in continuing the fight; as far as he’s concerned, Toadie's on his own. With his efforts to save Chris earning him hero status, Rhys hits on the idea of leveraging this to win a place on the surgery programme. He fronts Dr Girdwood and boldly states that his skills ideally qualify him, but will his direct approach pay off? Meanwhile, after assuming that he and Jade are in a relationship, Kyle is left puzzled by her refusal to commit.

Thursday 9th February

When Michael struggles with preparations for the new year as school principal, Emilia reminds him of the inspiring teacher he used to be. Keen to get away from paperwork, he convinces her to join him for a surf, only for a strange twist of fate to see them taking a lesson on dry land - and getting a lot closer than either of them expected. Will Michael’s feelings come between Emilia and Lucas? Meanwhile, Rhys plots to get one of the surgical trainees to drop out so he can take their place. When the plan backfires, he's forced to promise Karl he won’t try it again - but can he be trusted to keep his word? After being invited to visit Dan and Adam in Sydney. But, plagued with guilt about the assault on Chris, he is reluctant to leave him. Emilia encourages Lucas to discuss it with Chris, who gives his blessing. So Lucas invites Emilia to come with him.

Friday 10th February

Despite Jade's struggle to compromise, Kyle remains confident that one day soon she'll change her mind and allow him to look after her. However, when Jade injures her foot and is told not to move for a week, she’s forced to face her worst nightmare: relying on someone else. Michael does his best to suppress his feelings for Emilia, putting an end to her helping out at the house. However, when he realises no-one knows him like she does, he gives in to temptation and invites her to join him for a surf; her own feelings for Michael starting to be rekindled, Emilia agrees. Is this the beginning of something? Frustrated he’ll never be able to pay back Paul through shifts at Lassiters alone, Andrew decides to restart Robinson Entertainment in a bid to make some quick cash. He initally dismisses Sophie's suggestion of getting her favourite band to play locally but, when he realises its genuine potential, changes his mind and prepares to put on an all-ages gig.

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