Eastenders Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 6th to Friday 10th February - Roxy and Jack, friends or foes?

EastendersThis week in Albert Square, the tension between Roxy and Jack is evident when the warring parents find themselves in a passionate embrace after yet another row. Meanwhile, Mandy has a final fitting for her wedding dress and Heather is hurt when she tries to bond with Andrew's mother Rose.

Monday 6th February

Jack tries to apply for a passport for Amy but when he tells Bianca that he can't do it without getting Roxy to sign the documents, he decides to forge them instead. Later on, whilst playing with Amy on the swings, Jack gets distracted by Michael and the little girl has a minor accident. Wanting to see the Brannings go down in the court case, Michael tells Roxy about the accident. Storming round to Jack's place, Roxy shouts at him upon which he responds by branding her an unfit mother. As Roxy bursts into tears, Jack takes back what he says and as one thing leads to another, the duo end up in a passionate embrace. Elsewhere, Heather is upset when Rose offends her and Lucy's scheming takes its' toll on Mandy after she finds out that her wedding is on the same day as Heather and Andrew's.

Tuesday 7th February 

Waking up on the sofa with Jack, Roxy quickly flees but she can't escape the man as she bumps into him at the cafe and the duo appear to be on good terms as Jack makes it clear that he was genuinely attracted to Roxy. However, later on, Jack shows his brother Derek the forged documents. Elsewhere, Michael is shocked to come across the forged documents and quickly calls Roxy telling her to come over as he has something interesting to show her. After their clash in the Vic, Lucy tries to play the victim and after receiving advice from Dot, Mandy tries to get through to the teenager by revealing more about her life but has she made a mistake when she accidentally reveals that she's not sure if she loves Ian.

Thursday 9th February

It's the day of the custody trial and with everything weighing on her mind, Roxy is conflicted when Michael pays her a last minute visit and advises her to use the forged documents against Jack, however, when Shirley tells her not to cause trouble for Jack if only not to make things awkward for Amy, she's unsure what to do. Just before the case starts, Jack offers to settle for joint custody of Amy but Roxy is annoyed when Jack fails to mention the forged documents even when she gives him the chance. As the case begins, Roxy brings up a number of secrets from Jack's past including Penny's accident and his shooting but will she bring up the forged documents? Elsewhere, Ian is disappointed when Dot tells him she's prioritizing Andrew and Heather's wedding over his and FatBoy moves into Tyle to allow Patrick to move in with Dot.

Friday 10th February

The decision is in as the judge reveals who he is granting custody of Amy to, who will it be? Bianca is struggling to make end's meet without Ricky around and after Janine takes pity and writes off two months worth of rent but tells her that she'll have to pay one week in advance from now on. Desperate, Bianca asks Ray for money pretending that it's for Morgan but Ray refuses saying he won't pay for her other children. However, things begin to look up when Shirley gives Bianca her old job back. Later on, Ray helps Bianca out in the cafe but misreading the signals, Bianca moves in for a kiss.