Home And Away Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 30th January to Friday 3rd February - Sasha's troubles aren't over!

Home And AwayThis week in Home And Away, April is caught between a rock and a hard place after she is asked to the formal by her classmate Johnathan. Elsewhere, Marilyn has a scary prediction after she tells Irene that her tarot cards say that there will be a death in Summer Bay, is Irene's cancer going to return again or is someone else in danger? Meanwhile, Heath takes the news that Brax is moving away from Summer Bay badly, can Brax sway his brother around? With thanks to Channel 5!

Monday 30th January
While at the car show with Ruby and Xavier, April is asked to the formal by Jonathan, a fellow student at Summer Bay High. Knowing what April has in mind for the big night, Ruby convinces her to rethink her plans and cancel her date - only for her friend to turn her attention to Xavier instead. After Liam learns that his bike is a complete write-off, Bianca offers to lend him some money, provided he swaps two wheels for four. After Heath gives him a hard time about Bianca's suggestion that he chooses a family car, Liam panics; deciding he's not ready to ditch his image, he buys a bike instead. While enjoying a ladies' day with her friends, Irene asks Marilyn to give her a tarot reading. Although Marilyn tries to put a positive spin on what the cards say, it becomes clear that they predict a death in Summer Bay. Stunned, Irene is convinced this is a sign her cancer will return, but could there be trouble in store for another of the locals?

Tuesday 31st January

After April asks Xavier to the formal, Ruby tries and fails to convince her that it's a bad idea. Meanwhile, with Dex distressed about the arrangement, Xavier assures him that he is only going so that he can keep an eye on her. When Ruby later sees Dex battling the fallout of his latest failed plea to April, she urges him not to give up hope. When he finds out that Brax plans to sell Angelo’s and move to the city with Casey and the Bucktons, Heath initally blames Charlie for trying to take his brothers away from everything they’ve ever known. After later coming round to the idea, he decides to help Brax with the sale and organises a meeting with a potential buyer. However, when Brax’s realises the man in question is renowned criminal Geoffrey King, he begins to question his decision. Meanwhile, when Brax tells him that his job is no longer available, Liam becomes suspicious about why he, Bianca and Charlie are all acting so strangely. After he confronts her, Charlie is pushed to reveal the truth about the accident, leaving Liam uncertain about where his relationship with Bianca is heading.

Wednesday 1st February

When Mink tells her that she is holding Romeo back, Indi starts to think that there is some truth to her claims and decides to confront her husband. Even though Romeo says he doesn’t agree, he does suggest that they might have different ideas about his capabilities. Meanwhile, having been on the receiving end of Mink's unpredictable behaviour ahead of the surfing competition, Romeo finds out she has a drinking problem and that she's been struggling on the circuit for some time. Harvey is hot on the campaign trail for the new opening on the council. Disillusioned that there is only one candidate, Gina and Leah convince Roo to think about running too, only for her to decline and decide that Alf should step up instead. Alf doesn’t want a bar of it at first but, after Harvey hassles him about his age, soon warms to the idea. Having decided against selling Angelo's to Geoffrey King, Brax grows concerned about Heath’s involvement with him and ignites suspicion when he asks Charlie if his brother can move to the city with them.

Thursday 2nd February

After wrongly suspecting that his sister's problems stem from drink, Romeo worries for Mink's future when she reveals that she has Ménière's disease and will never again be able to surf competitively. Although she initially agrees to stay in Summer Bay and help with the Surf School, Mink later ignores Indi's appeal and leaves Romeo nothing more than a note as she makes a quiet exit from town. With Roo and Miles behind him, Alf's campaign for a council position is in full swing; however, it soon becomes clear that he needs a platform, and so he decides to gather the locals and find out what it is they want most. Meanwhile, with the battle bringing out the worst in Harvey, Sid leaps to Roo's defence, prompting the pair to organise a lunch date. After being discharged from hospital, Sasha struggles to keep her distance from Stu, who later that day catches her at the bus stop and offers her a lift home. Despite her refusal, it's clear that he won't take no for an answer - and, as her bruises testify, it isn't long before he once again lets his volatile temper get the better of him.

Friday 3rd February

Although Dex is worried about his first day as a hospital nurse, it becomes obvious that he's a natural with patients. It also gives him the opportunity to see a new side to Dallas, who arrives with her sick son: no longer is she the crazy party girl; instead, he realises she is a hard-working single mum. Bruised and sore after her incident with Stu, Sasha cuts short her shift at the diner and leaves without saying a word. When she gets into trouble with Sid, she reveals that to him that Stu is obsessed with her and she doesn’t know what to do. Later, Sid sees Stu and in no uncertain terms warns him to stay away from his daughter. After several failed attempts at hanging out with Elijah, Miles starts to think that he has taken Leah’s side in the break-up, and he shares his concerns with Marilyn. Aware of the underlying issue, Marilyn later warns Elijah that he needs to try and distance himself from Leah - only for Miles to overhear their conversation and finally learn the truth about his friend's feelings for his ex.