Neighbours Episodes Synopsis' for the week from Monday 30th January to Friday 3rd February - Chris is in danger!

NeighboursThis week in Neighbours, Chris faces serious danger after a mystery assailant goes on the warpath and following his confrontation with Warren, could the homophobic customer be behind the attack? Meanwhile, Jade and Kyle continue to deny their feelings for each other, how long will it be before the duo finally decide to get together. Elsewhere, Tash tries to get closure from her mother's death and asks her aunt Emilia to help her say a final farewell to her. With thanks to Channel 5 for the synopsis'.

Monday 30th January

Jade is shattered that Kyle won’t let her explain her affair with Malcolm and, when Sonya refuses to support her, considers leaving Erinsborough for good. Discovering this, Malcolm tries to convince her not to but when he fails, he appeals to Sonya to try before it’s too late. Not wanting to lose her sister, Sonya does, pushing Jade to tell Kyle how she really feels about him. Desperate to get his tattoo removed before Paul finds out about it, Andrew tries to convince Chris to re-start their used-car scheme. However, when Chris refuses, Andrew is forced to consider other options – including accepting an offer to buy his own car. Unbeknownst to Chris, someone is watching him at the garage. After he's forced to stand up to Warren, the question remains: could his decision cost him his life?

Tuesday 31st January

Realising he still has feelings for Jade, Kyle goes looking for her - only to realise that she's already packed her bags and left Ramsay Street. With the taxi company refusing to give him her destination, Kyle is forced to find another way to track her down. Can he reach her before she leaves town? Battered Chris is eventually found by concerned Lucas, who insists on taking him to hospital to get checked out. Convinced his sexuality was the cause of the attack, Chris keeps his suspicions quiet; however, when Lucas learns the identity of the last customer the teen served before his beating, he seeks out Warren and demands answers.

Wednesday 1st February

After Tash asks him if he'll take her to the beach where her mum drowned, Michael is hesitant, especially when she insists that Emilia joins them. As Paul tries and fails to help heal the rift between them, Sophie is left hurt by another confrontation with Kate. In an effort to create a truce between the sisters, Paul makes Kate an offer he thinks she can't refuse - but has he misjudged her? Under pressure from George, Lucas struggles to find the person responsible for Chris’s bashing. Turning down an invitation from the Pappas family, he distracts himself from the search by asking Emilia to celebrate Christmas with him - only to discover that her mind is elsewhere.

Thursday 2nd February

Packing to head home to London, Malcolm finds some of his old toys and suggests his parents do a clear-out to give themselves extra room. Liking the idea, Karl and Susan begin loading boxes into the storage container, only to find themselves trapped when oblivious Toadie parks his car in front of it. Finding their old slide projector, the Kennedys can’t help reminiscing about the good times, but can it change their plans for the future? Desperate for her Christmas party to be a success, Sonya is nervous when she learns that Karl – who’s agreed to play Santa – might be busy, despite his assurances that he’ll be there. When Karl fails to show, Sonya has to pretend to be Santa herself – until Toadie steps in to save the day.

Friday 3rd February

Despite Rhys’s suggestion to take it easy, Chris heads out with his friends in anticipation of their pending VCE results. Meanwhile, Summer’s guilt over cheating resurfaces as her nerves build, but to her relief, she gets the marks to do what she wants next year. Determined to move on from his attack and focus on what he wants to do next year, Chris heads back to the garage. But just as Rhys realises they never should have let him leave the hospital, Chris collapses. Rhys rushes off to find him, but with Chris’s life hanging in the balance, will he get there in time? As Lucas works to identify Chris’s attacker, he learns the bashing was linked to his decision not to sell the garage and, wanting answers, heads straight to Peter Noonan. However, while waiting for him, Lucas spies the likely culprit. Realising Peter’s involved somehow, Lucas returns with the police - but will his suspicion prove to be correct?