Eastenders Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 30th January to Friday 3rd February - Derek intimidates the residents!

EastendersThis week in Eastenders, Anthony and Amira's romance looks set to heat up after they share a romantic breakfast together, will they take their relationship further? Meanwhile, Derek is making his presence known in the Square this week as he cuts deals with Anthony and Tyler and when they aren't able to fully fulfill their word, he issues a sinister threat to them! Elsewhere, Ben continues his vendetta, can anyone talk sense to the wayward teenager?

Monday 30th January

Anthony and Amira have breakfast together at the cafe and he promises her an exciting gift after she begins to complain about being a single mum. However, his promises are soon forgotten when bad boy Derek demands the money that Anthony owes him. Luckily getting an extra day under the guise of needing to go to the bank which is closed, a panicked Anthony tells Tyler that they don't have the £4,000. Deciding to ask Patrick for rent, they decide to sell an expensive necklace however when Amira admires the jewellery, a smitten Anthony gives it to her for free. Knowing that there's no way of getting the full money for the next day, Anthony tries to reason with Derek but the bad boy is having none of it and tells him that unless he gets the full payment by 9am, there'll be big trouble, can the boys cough up the cash? Elsewhere, Tyler gives Whitney a driving lesson when Fatboy isn't able to and Andrew shows off his dance moves at Kim's 'Kimba' dance classes.

Tuesday 31st January

Arriving at the antiques' business the next morning, Tyler and Anthony meet Derek. Telling them that he expects the money, he offers them a choice of getting the £4,000 in full, doing a dangerous job for him or having their legs broken and gives them until 3pm. Suggesting that they ask Michael for help, Anthony's suggestion is refuted by Tyler who insists that they fulfill their job. Feeling guilty for his part in their money troubles, Patrick agrees to be the driver for the night job. However, ignoring Tyler's advice, Anthony goes to talk to Michael who refuses to give them any money but ends up locking Anthony in the office of the gym to keep him out of trouble! Elsewhere, Andrew proposes to a delighted Heather and Dot tries to reassure Fatboy that Whitney isn't cheating on him.

Thursday 2nd February

Patrick and Derek haven't been charged by the police for the events of the previous night as they couldn't prove intent. Arriving at R&R, a furious Derek threatens Tyler and Anthony telling him that they're dead men walking for trying to stitch him up, unaware that it was Michael who called the police. Claiming that it was him who called the police, Patrick pushes Derek too far and when Tyler steps in, Derek lets the extent of his power be known. Giving them an ultimatum, Derek demands that they give him £8,000 as punishment. Later that day, the duo go to see Michael after figuring out that it was him who phoned the police. Telling them that he'll be their brother but he won't be a meal ticket, Michael refuses to allow Janine to pay the debt to Derek. However, later that evening, he has a prick of conscience, will he pay the debt for them when he visits Derek? Elsewhere, Shirley gathers the Mitchells together in a bid to work out how they can get Ben back on side and Whitney reprimands Roxy and Jack over Amy's bullying at playgroup suggesting that her parents' constant bickering is rubbing off.

Friday 3rd February

Shirley visits the Beale household to speak to Ben telling him that Phil misses him. However, the teenager isn't taken in by her claims, suspicious that she's just saying that to get him to change his statement. Later, Ben asks bad boy Derek for advice and the hardman tells him to visit his father in prison. With Derek's word in his head, he decides to take Shirley up on her offer and tells her he's ready to see his father. However, when an overjoyed Phil sees Ben and tells him that he wants to put everything behind them and move on, his son tells him that he wants him to be in jail for a long time and will dance on his grave when he dies, is there anyway back? Elsewhere, Whitney is sent home from work by Sophie for interfering in Jack and Roxy's private lives and Lucy tries to compete with Mandy for Ian's attention.