'Eastenders' character to be written out of the soap temporarily to allow actor time off after stressful few months!

Eastenders actress Jessie Wallace is set to be written out of the BBC1 soap for three months to allow her to recuperate after a stressful few months which saw her dump her husband-to-be Vince Morse and call off their wedding after finding emails sent by Morse to his ex-girlfriend and discovering that he had sent intimate pictures of her to another woman. Show bosses have made last-minute changes to the script which will see Kat leave Walford for a few months to look after father Charlie Slater who has a stroke off-screen. 

Speaking to The Sun, a friend of Wallace's said: ''She's had a stressful six months. She's been given three months off and no one can blame her for taking a break. Jessie's worked solidly since her wedding nightmare and had already come back early from what would have been her honeymoon. It was a very easy decision to make for the show. She is a great actress and extremely popular on set. She'll come back stronger than ever. Jessie's convalescing after a long run and very stressful six months. She'll be back as soon as she's ready.''

Although Wallace's spokesperson has refused to comment on the matter, it's believed that her character Kat Moon will be off screen from Spring time onwards.


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