Home And Away's Ruby Buckton forced to make a difficult decision later this year in the aftermath of the season finale!

Home And Away's Ruby Buckton will be forced to make a heartbreaking decision later this year when she has to decide whether or not to turn off the ventilator that is keeping her mother Charlie (Esther Anderson) alive. As revealed late last year, the season finale which was screened in Australia in November saw bad boy Jake Pirovic (Fletcher Humphrys) shoot the cop twice avenging the death of  his brother Hammer (Benedict Samuel). In scenes currently being aired in Australia, the aftermath of the attack sees Charlie lying critically ill in hospital.

In the season premiere, aired today in Australia, Charlie was rushed to hospital whilst her partner Brax (Steve Peacocke) rushed off for a dramatic showdown with Jake after finding out that he was behind Charlie's injuries. However, staying at the hospital, Ruby is faced to make a heart-wrenching decision when Charlie returns from surgery as local doctor Sid Walker (Robert Mammone) breaks it to the teenager that Charlie is only alive due to the ventilator as there is nothing they can do for her, she won't be able to breathe on her own.

As next of kin, her heartbroken relative is forced to make the tough decision as to whether to switch off her ventilator with Brax strongly opposing the idea, determined that his girlfriend keeps on fighting. Although it's not yet known what happens next as Ruby hadn't made a decision as the episode finished in Australia, with actress Esther Anderson leaving her role as Charlie, it's not looking good.

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