Neighbours Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 23rd January to Friday 27th January - Chris faces adversity at work!

NeighboursThis week in Neighbours, Paul tries to stand up for niece Kate and tries to put a case together for her career. Meanwhile, Susan and Karl clash over Malcolm's affair when Susan finds out that Karl knew that their son was being unfaithful and she accuses him of condemning Mal's actions. Elsewhere,  Emelia supports Tash as she struggles to cope with looking after poorly Michael. With thanks to Channel 5!

Monday 23rd January

Determined Paul puts together his case to fight for Kate’s career, oblivious to the fact that she refuses to use the event that led to her illicit kiss as an excuse. Despite this, Paul remains confident he can get her off the hook, until Priya reveals she’s recommending Kate not be allowed to teach again. After accusing Priya of bias, Paul turns to Noah and learns of Brennan’s death – the mitigating circumstances Kate needs to clear her name. Paul urges Kate to use her emotional state to justify her mistake, but she refuses, not wanting to burden Sophie with more hurt or use her ex-boyfriend’s death for her own gain. But will Paul ignore Kate’s warning to save her career? Having realised that Karl knew about Malcolm’s affair, Susan accuses him of condoning his son’s actions. Trying to right Malcolm's wrongs, she urges him to come clean and confess to his wife. Malcolm refuses but, when he sees the hurt he's caused his parents, later changes his mind and books a flight home. After Malcolm sets her straight, Susan apologises to Karl for misjudging him, once again giving him hope for the future. Seeing Tash struggling with the stress of looking after Michael, Emilia teaches her grounding, a Wiccan relaxation ritual. Tash struggles to take it seriously but soon finds it’s just the distraction she needs.

Tuesday 24th January

With time running out, Paul ignores Kate’s warning and reveals to Priya the fact of Brennan's death. Although sympathetic, Priya stands firm, forcing Paul to turn to Noah once more. Noah’s appeal convinces Priya not to refer Kate’s case to the Victorian Institute of Teaching, but Kate's furious Paul used Brennan as an excuse, concerned that Sophie will find out. When her fears are later realised, Kate tries to defend her decision, but Sophie’s rejection forces her to reconsider her life. Tired of always being the good girl but still getting nowhere, Kate quits teaching and turns her back on the past. Worried that Summer will have second thoughts about re-sitting her Literature exam, Andrew checks in constantly from schoolies. Frustrated, Summer urges him to go and have some fun, but Andrew fears he may have had too much when he wakes up from a big night out with a tattoo of Summer’s name. Panicked Andrew tries to convince himself it will be okay, until he learns the tattoo doesn’t actually read as he thought.

Wednesday 25th January

Under pressure to convince Lucas to sell, Toadie tries suggesting to Emilia the benefits of the sale. However, his plan backfires when first Lucas confronts him over using his girlfriend and then the garage suffers a break-in. When Lucas later gets a surprise visit from WorkSafe, he suspects foul play, and all roads lead back to Toadie. Meanwhile, Kyle returns home to the fallout of the revelations about Kate and Noah. Stunned when Kate announces she’s also quitting teaching, Kyle uncovers the full story behind her behaviour when he finds Noah’s letter. While her friends come to terms with the loss of Brennan, Kate sticks to her resolve to make a fresh start. Karl challenges Rhys when he calls in sick, angry at being overlooked by his bosses. Will a golf game with Kate help him see the error of his ways?

Thursday 26th January

When he and Chris realise that homophobic customer Warren is due to visit the garage, Lucas puts up a ‘gay-friendly workplace’ sticker to show his support of his colleague. Worried about a potential confrontation, Chris is initially relieved when Blake drops by instead; all that changes, however, when Warren later arrives to collect the car, notices the sticker and lashes out. Lucas is quick to jump to Chris's defence - but, with someone watching them from the shadows, will he live to regret it? Meanwhile, Andrew's attempts to hide his tattoo from Summer only heighten her suspicion and, coupled with the discovery of photos of him with another girl, she begins to worry that he's been cheating on her. Left with no other option, Andrew comes clean about the tattoo, although chooses to keep its meaning under wraps. When she discovers the truth - that it reads 'Pickles' not 'Summer' - she can’t help but find it hilarious; Andrew, on the other hand, is distraught. Concerned that the developers aren’t above board, Toadie alerts Peter, who insists he’ll investigate. Discovering he was right, Peter gets rid of the rogue element and offers Toadie a permanent contract to reward his help.

Friday 27th January

Getting together for a share-house Christmas lunch, Rhys, Jade, Dane and Kyle reconnect as housemates. But when Kyle gives Jade an unwittingly sentimental present, her feelings for him once again come to the fore. After trying her best to deny them, Jade decides to come clean; however, before she gets the chance, Kyle makes a discovery that threatens to change everything. Chris is surprised when Blake tries to make amends for his father’s behaviour, and they end up sharing a beer at Charlie’s. However, when Warren sees Chris with his son, he warns him to stay away. Blake later apologises again, but Chris thinks it’s best for everyone’s sake that they’re not mates. The question remains: with someone watching the garage, is it already too late for Chris? Toadie’s disappointed when Sonya returns with her perfect Christmas tree: a sapling that will grow over the years. Hatching a plan with Callum, Toadie feigns sadness that they don't have a tree to decorate, forcing reluctant Sonya to eventually give in and buy a slightly bigger one.

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