Home And Away Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 23rd to Friday 27th January - Leah and Miles, on or off?

This week in Home And Away, with their relationship in tatters, both Leah and Miles turn to Elijah for guidance, can the reverend help the couple solve their dispute and get back together? Elsewhere, April finds it hard to get over Dex kissing Dallas and Heath is upset to hear that Liam and Bianca have moved back in with each other. With thanks to Channel 5!

Monday 23rd January

Despite Dex’s desperate pleas, April refuses to believe he wasn’t responsible for his actions when he kissed Dallas. Even after learning from Heath that Dex didn't take things any further, she remains hurt by the fact that he effectively bragged about the deed anyway. Convinced she can no longer trust him, April tells Dex it’s over. Meanwhile, Heath's pride takes a hit when he realises that Liam has moved back in with Bianca, and the arrival of Romeo's sister Mink ignites suspicion that her impromptu visit may be loaded with an ulterior motive.

Tuesday 24th January

Upon hearing Indi's reservations over giving her a loan, Mink further widens the rift between them by confronting her and calling her spoilt. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Romeo secretly offers to help his sister out financially but begs her not to let news of his decision go any further. Meanwhile, Sasha continues to keep her distance from Stu, so she isn't too upset to find herself grounded - until, that is, he turns up on her doorstep, hoping to manipulate his way into Sid's good books. Later, when Sasha tries to slip away, Stu gets aggressive and she's pressured into going on a date. However, after feigning sickness in a bid to escape home, Sasha soon begins to feel genuinely unwell and is rushed to hospital. Spurred on by Irene, Sid asks one of his colleagues out on a date. Roo may be upset to see him stepping out with another woman, but little does she realise that he isn’t having a good time; in fact, he’s visibly relieved when Irene later interrupts the date to inform him that his ex still has feelings for him.

Wednesday 25th January

After Sasha is found collapsed at a bus stop and rushed to hospital, Sid is shocked to learn the source of her infection - her secret tattoo. Sid blames Stu, ordering him to leave and forbidding him from seeing his daughter again. When Sasha recovers, Sid asks her not to continue the relationship and, to his astonishment, she agrees without a fight. As Miles prepares a special meal to welcome her and VJ home, Leah throws his plans off track when she tells him she's instead booked a motel for the night. However, Elijah soon grows suspicious after spotting Leah in the Bay; when VJ pulls her up on her lie, she simply responds that the situation is complicated. Meanwhile, following the revelation that John has taken gratuities from Dennis, the council calls for his resignation.

Thursday 26th January

When Miles finds VJ at the diner, he discovers Leah's lie about their return home to Summer Bay. Hurt and confused, he confronts Leah, who reveals she isn’t convinced that he's happy for them not to have any more kids - and it turns out that he can’t disagree with her. After Irene mentions to her that Sid's date with the nurse didn't go well, Roo assumes when she receives a love note that it can only be from him. However, when she follows the instructions, she is shocked to find Harvey waiting for on the beach. Meanwhile, after his best efforts fail to save his position on the council and instead pave the way for Harvey to take his place, John decides to invest in the resort development - much to Gina's concern.

Friday 27th January

As Leah and Miles struggle with their separation, they each turn to Elijah for support. Meanwhile, Marilyn becomes aware of Elijah’s feelings for Leah, urging him to stay away from her. Still feeling guilty about being forced to lie, Bianca grows hostile towards Charlie and demands Brax fire Liam in an attempt to separate herself entirely from the River Boys. Meanwhile, Brax decides to cut his own ties to the gang, announcing his intention to join Charlie and Ruby in their move to the city. Desperate to patch things up with April, Dex acts under advice from Marilyn and invites her to the formal. However, despite his best efforts, April turns him down and later reveals to Ruby that she instead has very different plans for the night.


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