Hollyoaks Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 23rd January to Friday 27th January - Mercedes and Lynsey, an unlikely friendship?

This week in Hollyoaks, Mercedes gets a new job working in the hospital but she's shocked to see a doctor who she slept with working there and is taken aback when he think she's a prostitute! Elsewhere, Lynsey tries to get her old job back as a nurse but she carelessly misreads a form and revives a patient who has requested not to be revived! Meanwhile, Darren is drawn back in by the temptation to gamble, the question is will he be able to overcome the temptations to spiral back into addiction again?

Monday 23rd January

Things get awkward for Mercedes when she starts a cleaning job at the hospital and is mistaken for a prostitute by a doctor she had relations with. Cindy agrees to help Darren with his secret wedding plans and pretends to be Nancy in front of the registrar. Elsewhere, Callum is confused by Maddie’s nonchalance following her vanishing act last night and forces her to admit she isn’t ready to sleep with him.  Elsewhere, Ruby is heartbroken after her break up with a humiliated Jono.

Tuesday 24th January

Mercedes is on a downward spiral when Doctor Browning pays her to go out with him again. Whilst cleaning at the hospital, Lynsey crosses the line when she interferes with a patient’s medication dosage. Meanwhile, Darren’s plan fools the registrar and the marriage licence is approved. Elsewhere, Neil has two weeks to learn how to drive after lying to his friends about his driving skills and Cheryl makes friends with the students much to Brendan’s disapproval.

Wednesday 25th January

Lynsey applies for her old nurse’s position but potentially ruins her chances when she saves a coma patient’s life unaware that he’s listed as ‘DNR – DO NOT RECUSCITATE’. Cindy tries to sabotage Darren’s plans by telling him that Nancy wants a huge glamorous wedding. Meanwhile, Neil keeps up his bravado and flukes his theory driving test to prove to the others that he’s not a no-hoper and Cheryl realises her  night with the students got out of hand when she remembers sleeping with a surprising suitor.

Thursday 26th January

Darren uses Jack’s wedding gift to purchase betting chips at the casino – will he slip back into his old, destructive ways?  Mercedes discovers that Doctor Browning forgot to fill the coma patient’s chart in properly – but is it enough to save Lynsey’s nursing career? Elsewhere, Neil is enjoying being the man in demand. However when he doesn’t take his driving lessons seriously enough Tony refuses to continue teaching him. Meanwhile, Tilly questions whether she is doing what she wants with her life as her intense study schedule starts getting the better of her.

Friday 27th January

Mercedes blackmails Dr Browning after discovering he has a family but still pays escorts; could this be what Lynsey needs to get her old job back? Darren comes clean to Nancy about his night at the casino. Is the wedding over before it’s begun? Meanwhile, Esther tells Tilly to make her own decisions and stop letting other people run her life.  Whilst George is kicked out of his squat and Tony agrees to help Neil if he promises to take his driving lessons seriously.

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