Eastenders Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 23rd to Friday 27th January - Jane chooses between new job or old friends!

EastendersThis week in Walford, Ben is full of joy after Phil is locked up following his confession to DCI Marsden last week but will the Mitchell clan be just as happy with the troublesome teenager? Meanwhile, Zainab goes all Cilla Black as she tries to reunite Afia and Tamwar at a family lunch, will she be able to convince her son to reconcile with his wife? Elsewhere, Max ignores Tanya's advice to go easy on Lauren and tries the tough love approach to try and get his daughter to cut down on her drinking. 

Monday 23rd January

Ben is relieved after Phil is put back behind bars following his statement last week at the police station. However, when Marsden offers him protection should any of the rest of the Mitchell family turn against him, smug Ben says that he isn't going anywhere. Telling Abi that he is responsible for Phil being put in jail, Ben isn't so honest after he's confronted by an angry Shirley and Jay at home and lies telling them that he played no part in Phil's incarceration. However, after Marsden reveals that Phil has been charged with murder, a furious Shirley storms round to see Denise who she believes was the key witness but is confused when Denise reveals that she knows nothing of the charges. Later that evening, Abi accidentally lets it slip when talking to Jay and Ben finds himself out on the street when Jay and Shirley kick him out. Elsewhere, Zainab hosts a family lunch in an attempt to get Tamwar to make up with Afia and Lucy is suspicious of Mandy as she begins to answer private calls.

Tuesday 24th January

After spotting Ben sleeping in The Arches having been kicked out of his home, nasty Derek takes the young lad under his wing, buying him breakfast and giving him a jumper as he fills him with tales of his youth. However, it's clear that Derek is using the lad's vunerability to his own benefit after he snatches the keys to the garage and begins to snoop through the books. Later that day, Derek arrives at the prison to speak to Phil, telling  him that he's aware of how his family are falling apart with Phil in the nick. After a battle of wits, Derek lays the cards on the table and tells him he has to either accept him as a partner or sit back and watch Derek take over Phil's empire by force. Elsewhere, Jane tells Tanya that she has accepted a job in Cardiff but when the woman reveals her doubts and her pal misinterprets what she's saying and believes that she has changed her mind, Jane doesn't have the heart to correct her.

Thursday 26th January

Not wanting to correct Tanya, Jane continues to pretend that she's sticking around in Walford and after Tanya asks her to attend a follow-up appointment at the hospital with her, Jane agrees, not wanting to reveal that she's still planning to move. Later in The Vic, Tanya reveals that she is afraid that Max will cheat on her because they're not currently sleeping with each other. However, the mood soon turns sour when Masood joins the duo and accidentally reveals that Jane is moving to Cardiff leading Tanya to storm out. Trying to make things right, Jane goes to see her friend but a blazing row ensues and the duo's friendship is left in tatters. Over at the Beale's, Mandy is determined to reveal that she can be a good mother to Ian's children however she's daunted when Bianca reveals that motherhood isn't very glamorous. Later on, when Bobby locks himself in the house, Mandy asks Jane for help fearing that Bobby doesn't want her around. However, the woman is relieved when Jane tells her that Bobby just wants a friend, he doesn't need another mother.

Friday 27th January

As Jane makes her preparations to leave Walford, she's touched when her family organize a leaving lunch in The Queen Vic for her. However, she's saddened when Tanya doesn't turn up following their row the previous night. Over at the Branning household, the lady in question is feeling guilty about last night but can't swallow her pride and show her face at the event. When Ian talks to Jane revealing his worries about Ben being the key witness behind Phil's murder charges, Jane talks to the lad and is taken aback when he reveals that she's the only person who he feels that he can talk to. With everything weighing upon her mind, Jane says that she can't go through with the move and can't accept the job offer before running out of the venue during a surprise leaving party, has she given up her dream job for her friends and family?