Home And Away Episodes Synopses for the week from Monday 16th to Friday 20th January - Charlie faces the music!

This week on Home And Away, Charlie finds herself in a difficult position as an internal investigation is launched to find the missing evidence. Meanwhile, whilst Bianca stays by Liam's bedside in the wake of his accident, April finds Heath lying in the bushes passed out having struggled to cope with Bianca's rejections. Elsewhere, Leah blames herself when VJ runs away, believing that she has been falling apart when her son needed her most. With thanks to C5!

Monday 16th January

Following Liam’s accident, Bianca continues her vigil at his bedside. Meanwhile, on her way to school, April finds Heath passed out in the bushes, having written himself off in the wake of Bianca’s rejection. When Liam wakes from his coma he starts to recollect details of the accident - but what will it mean for those involved? When she learns that VJ has run away, Leah blames herself for falling apart around her son. Miles tries to support her, but she is hesitant to let him in. However, after Miles receives a voicemail from VJ, Leah decides he must have gone to Queensland to visit Lily. On a mission, Leah decides to drive to find him, with Miles insisting he joins her. Elsewhere, an internal police investigation into the stolen evidence is pending, and Charlie has to lie to Watson about her involvement with Brax. When Bianca hears of the stolen evidence, she confronts Charlie over her desire to keep her relationship a secret - only for their friendship to be further tested as the inquiry gathers pace.

Tuesday 17th January

Having woken up from his coma, Liam remembers Brax and Charlie behind the wheel of the car involved in his accident. Desperate to keep up the lie, Bianca swears it was Heath, revealing they spent the weekend together. When she tries to confront Charlie, she instead finds Brax, who reminds her that her friend will end up in jail unless the truth is kept under wraps. Meanwhile, Liam demands he discontinue pain killers, since they seem to be messing with his memory of the accident. Charlie is conflicted over her dirty dealings, so Brax takes her away to a secluded beach for a day. But reality soon hits and Charlie frets that their relationship can’t continue like this. Brax reassures her that with her resignation from the force will come the opportunity for them to be public with their love; however, when he later plants the stolen evidence at the house of a drug runner to get them off the hook, Charlie tells him she can no longer cope. On a mission to find VJ, Miles and Leah set off on a road trip to Brisbane. As they start to reconnect, Miles pulls Leah up on the way she’s treated him since the miscarriage. However, they once again find their discussion placed on hold after Leah gets a call from her mum about VJ's whereabouts.

Wednesday 18th January

Charlie has decided to continue with her resignation, despite being cleared of the stolen evidence charge. Determined to get her life on the straight and narrow, she has also resolved to steer clear of Brax, telling him that he can either cut all ties with the River Boys or leave her alone. Later, as Ruby researches accommodation in the city for her uni course, Charlie suggests they make the move together. But then she gets a visit from Brax, who says he’s quit the River Boys for good. Xavier tells Gina that he plans to backpack around Europe after school, only for Gina to break the news that he’ll need at least $20,000 to do so. When John finds out, he offers to sell his V8 in order to give Xavier a helping hand. After Stu walks in on her being chatted up by a schoolie, Sasha quickly steers him back to her place for some quiet time alone. But when Sasha gets a text from the same guy, Stu loses his cool and slaps her, before resolving to track down his rival. Acting on Ruby's advice, Sasha decides to break up with her volatile boyfriend, who storms away and steals Xavier’s V8 from out the front of the Surf Club.

Thursday 19th January

After being dumped by Sasha, Stu takes Xavier's V8 for a joyride, much to everyone's horror. When Stu returns, Sasha tries to talk him down, but he insists she get in the car. As they speed down a bush road, Stu demands Sasha reconsider her decision to leave him; fearing for their safety, she agrees. Over the moon when April asks him to stay at her place after the schoolies party, Dex gets ready for the big night only to have his hopes dashed when she has to cancel to care for a sick Irene. At the party, Dex hits it off with the notorious Dallas, who wastes no time throwing herself at him. After a visit from Sid, Irene is given the all-clear and April heads to the party just in time to catch Dex in a clinch with with Dallas. Romeo gets a spike in business when his surf school is inundated with doe-eyed schoolie girls looking for one-on-one lessons. Romeo is chuffed about the new success of his surf school, but Indi isn’t completely satisfied with his game plan for their future.

Friday 20th January

After catching Dex and Dallas together at the schoolies party, April returns home crushed. The following day, Dex pulls up at the diner to a round of cheers celebrating his 'score' with Dallas as April watches on with horror. Later, he catches up with her to apologise, only for her to make it clear that she's willing to neither forgive nor forget. Indi gives Romeo a hard time about their financial security and his ever increasing number of female surf school students. Meanwhile, she begins her internship and impresses Dennis with her ingenuity, by posing as a swimsuit model in his promo shoot. When Romeo finds out, he argues with Indi that Dennis is taking advantage of her, but their argument is cut short by unexpected visitor - Mink, Romeo’s sister. With Alf refusing to provide him with a reference, Harvey approaches Dennis for a second chance at the marina contract. Slighted, Harvey learns from Colleen that Dennis has been very generous to John and other community members in the lead-up to the resort development. With this information, Harvey blackmails John to either influence the decision about the marina contract, else risk exposure of his 'free dinners' at Dennis’s expense.