Neighbours Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 16th to Friday 20th January - A new headmistress comes to power!

NeighboursThis week on Neighbours, Noah is suspicious that Kate is behind Sophie's decision to pull out of the band. Meanwhile, Emilia and Lucas share a close moment whilst looking for lemongrass to make a fancy dinner for Michael. Paul is shot down, meanwhile, when attractive Priya catches his eyes at Charlie's only to reveal that she's married to his rival Ajay Kapoor! With thanks to Channel 5!

Monday 16th January

When Sophie drops out of Noah’s band, he suspects that Kate’s had a hand in her decision. While Kate’s relieved that her sister has helped create distance between them, Noah camps out in front of the Ramsays' in an attempt to push Kate to admit she reciprocates his feelings. When Kate retaliates by accusing him of being a stalker, Noah’s heart is crushed, and his love turns to devastation. Kate hopes her warning has finally driven him away, but her world is turned upside down when he arrives at the unveiling of the history wall and publically announces she’s been taking advantage of him. When Emilia reveals she needs lemongrass to make dinner for Michael, Lucas comes up with a grand plan and together they break into Sonya's, sure she’ll have it. While they’re there, they get caught in the moment and, as things heat up, the couch collapses beneath them. Not wanting to be found out, Lucas repairs the damage, only to later discover that it was already broken. How will Lucas get himself out of this one? Meanwhile, Paul notices an attractive woman in Charlie’s and is pleased to discover she’s the acting Principal of Erinsborough High. Unfortunately for Paul, his romance is cut short when Priya reveals she’s married to his rival – local councillor Ajay Kapoor.

Tuesday 17th January

Sophie is bewildered by Kate's public humiliation of Kate and, wanting to support her, pleads with him to take back his lies. Although he initially stands by his accusation, he finally crumbles during Priya’s official investigation, claiming that he made the whole thing up. Although Kate's relieved, Sophie is left hurt and angry. As she again lashes out at Noah, Andrew steps in to reveal that he isn't a complete liar: he and Kate did share a kiss. Enraged by Kate’s betrayal, Sophie goes to Priya and tells her the truth - but at what cost to her sister? Meanwhile, Toadie and Sonya are at loggerheads over whether or not both their couch is salvageable and their son should be working. When Toadie busts Callum ditching his papers, he agrees to keep it from Sonya and help him out, as long as he promises he’ll do the round properly from now on. But when Sonya discovers their scam, she reveals her real issue has more to do with Toadie’s approach to parenting. Concerned about what might happen if she does fall pregnant, Sonya pleads with Toadie, but will they finally be on the same page when it comes to raising their family?

Wednesday 18th January

When Priya confronts her with Sophie’s claims, Kate desperately fights to save her career – and is forced to watch as her sister is labelled the liar. After Priya presses Andrew for the video evidence, Sophie’s gutted when he now insists that no such footage exists. Seeing the rift tearing her family apart, Kate finally confesses the truth - she kissed Noah - and, in the aftermath, is heartbroken to discover that Sophie has decided to live with Paul from now on. Assuming Summer's miserable because she’s missing schoolies, Andrew tries to raise her spirits by throwing an end-of-school party. However, after seeing the effect of Kate’s lies, Andrew pledges total honesty and admits to Summer that he intentionally deleted her history wall footage. Burdened by her own guilt, Summer later confides in Chris that she cheated on her exam. Rather than reassuring her as she had expected, he urges her to come clean. Will Summer finally tell the truth? Unable to cancel his pre-paid cruise, Lou grudgingly resolves to make the most of it. When he learns Sophie is running away to Sydney, he vows to stay and help make peace between the Ramsay sisters - until Lucas steps in to propose an alternative.

Thursday 19th January

Clocking the ongoing tension between Karl and Malcolm, Susan is convinced that something’s going on. When she sees Karl having coffee with Jade, she begins to suspect they’re seeing each other. Confronted by her feelings, Susan confides in a surprised Malcolm, who fails to convince her she’s wrong. Knowing she has no right to be jealous but unable to curb her feelings, Susan attempts to catch Karl and Jade in the act, only to find them innocently exercising. Buoyed by Susan’s obvious concern, Karl begins to let himself hope that they may be reunited before too much longer. Summer’s still wrestling with her conscience after getting away with cheating on her exam, just as Chris had predicted. Resigned, Summer prepares to admit the truth and confesses to Andrew. However, she’s surprised when rational he has the opposite reaction to Chris: he doesn’t judge her but instead urges her to keep quiet. Summer reluctantly agrees, but the nagging guilt about what she’s done won’t go away. Banned from using the internet, Callum talks his way into using his neighbours’ WiFi as a way to avoid his latest punishment, but Toadie’s not impressed.

Friday 20th January

Still reeling from Kate’s betrayal, Sophie does her best to ignore the stares and whispers at school, but deep down she feels the only person in her corner is Paul. However, even this collapses when she discovers that he’s supporting Kate as well as her; feeling utterly alone, she struggles to know where next to turn. Feeling bad about the way things ended, Malcolm buys Jade an expensive pair of earrings. Jade’s uncomfortable about accepting the gift and gives them to Sonya, but not before Susan has spotted them and assumes they are for Malcolm’s wife, Catherine. When she sees the earrings on Sonya, the penny drops - Malcolm’s been having an affair with Jade. Meanwhile, Karl's getting the feeling that Susan might be moving towards reconciliation and so turns down his chance at moving into the perfect flat. Soon after, Susan confronts him with the secret he’s been harbouring about Malcolm and Jade, exposing the ugly truth that he knew all along. Has Karl blown his chance?