Eastenders Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 16th to Friday 20th January - It's a big week for Ricky and Bianca!r R

EastendersThis week in Eastenders, Bianca and Ricky try to save their flatlining marriage, can they move on from Ricky's betrayal for the sake of their family? Meanwhile, Lucy is scheming again as she plots to get rid of Mandy once and for all, fed up of her coming between her and her father. Elsewhere, Ben makes a shocking decision when he asks DCI Marsden if he can change his statement, what is he playing at?Monday 16th January

Bianca and Ricky attempt to save their flailing marriage as they put on a front in front of their kids but with the kids asking questions about why Ricky is sleeping on the sofa and why David has left, Carol tells Bianca that it's time she moved on rather than giving him yet another chance. When Ricky organizes a romantic meal for the duo, will there be a future for them? Meanwhile, wanting to get Mandy out of her and her father's lives, Lucy plots to get her gone for good by getting her drunk at the Vic then asking her to score pills for them. Worried by Lauren's drinking, Max and Tanya force her to visit the doctor hoping to convince her to cut down her drinking, will the shock tactics work?

Tuesday 17th January

After she spots Phil teasing Ben, DCI Marsden spots an opportunity to get enough evidence to have the hardman sent down for good. Accompanied by Ian, Ben goes down to the station where the cop grills him over whether Phil told him what he said to Stella on their wedding day before she jumped? However, scared by the seriousness of all these allegations, Ben stays silent. Later on, upon telling his father that Marsden is re-opening the Stella case, Phil isn't impressed to hear that he was at the station. Elsewhere, Jane bumps into an old tutor at a 'bangers and mash, give us your cash' fundraiser who reveals that he has a job opportunity that she may be interested in, can he tempt her away from Walford?

Thursday 19th January

Ben is put out when Phil offers a ticket to a boxing match to Jay but not to him. Sensing the tension between the teenager and his father, Marsden gives him her card and tells him to phone her if he remembers anything about Stella's death! When an impressed Phil allows Ben to try out the car that he and Jay worked on, tensions boil over as Ben stalls and Phil makes Jay take over leading the teenager to pick up the phone to DCI Marsden! Bianca is shocked to bump into former flame Ray and when Morgan recognizes him, having been introduced to him via Whitney. An angry Bianca warns the man to stay away from her son but when Whitney gives her some advice, will she thaw towards Ray?

Friday 20th January

Zainab tries to reunite Tamwar and Afia as the young lad is still acting coldly towards his wife and Afia struggles to deal with the knowledge of exactly what her dad did to Zainab, will the mother be able to reconcile her son with his wife or is it all over? Elsewhere, when Whitney tells Liam that he's no longer a child and needs to take responsibility in helping the family, Bianca is worried when she receives a phone call telling her that Liam didn't turn up for lessons. Later that evening, a delighted Liam informs his mother that he's got a job in a fast food restaurant and will be working evenings and weekends.