Eastenders Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 9th to Friday 13th January - Goodbye to a Walford Legend!

EastendersThis week in Walford, it's time to say goodbye to Pat as the Walford stalwart is laid to rest in a massive funeral. Meanwhile, Derek Branning continues to be a force of intimidation for many square residents, none more-so than Michael Moon but will the lad regret trying to get one over on the bad boy? And an old face returns to the Square, teenage tearaway Lucy Beale is back with a new face! See below for full details:

Monday 9th January

With all of Pat's family struggling to deal with their loss, things look like they won't be improving anytime soon as some shock news tells them that they have more to worry about than they thought. Meanwhile, Carol and David give into their feelings and reveal their love for one another. When the undertaker demands £15,000, it's looking like Max may have to cough up the money when sister Carol asks him for help but luckily for the family, Janine writes out a cheque for the sum to pay for Pat's funeral. Elsewhere, when Morgan starts to ask questions about why his skin colour is different, Bianca tells him that his father is Barack Obama! Feelings like Morgan needs to know his dad, Whitney secretly decides to try and contact his father Ray!

Tuesday 10th January

Waking up after a night of passion with Carol, David urges his lover that it's time that they tell Bianca that they're an item again. Trying to move on and stick around in the Square, he goes over to see Derek hoping he can bury the hatchet and stay in Walford without fearing what Derek will do. Unfortunately, the bad boy merely repeats the threats he previously made. Noticing that David also has a bone to pick with Derek, Michael suggests that they team up to bring him down but fearing the consequences for his family, David is reluctant, will he accept the unusual proposal? Meanwhile, Morgan finally meets his dad.

Thursday 12th January

After Derek makes threats that his time is running out, David accepts Michael's offer to set Derek up and they recruit Roxy as a look-out whilst Michael plants dodgy goods in Derek's! However, as things go desperately out of control and Roxy fails to stop Derek from walking in on Michael in the middle of the deed, David ends up being blamed for the whole thing by a pressurized Michael. Sensing that things could get dangerous, David urges Carol to escape Walford with him leaving the gran in a tricky situation! Meanwhile, Ian lies to Mandy telling her that he has told Peter and Lucy about both Pat's funeral and their relationship. Imagine her shock then when Lucy turns up at the Beale household looking to know why she hasn't been told about Pat's funeral.

Friday 13th January - 40 Minute Episode

As Pat's funeral takes place, an emotional Kat finds it difficult to enter the church because it's the place that she buried James in. Telling Alfie to go on in, she decides to visit James' grave where she meets Jack, mourning the loss of his son. At the service, Ricky  makes a speech but when he is unable to continue, a brave Janine steps upto the plate and delivers a beautiful eulogy to her step-mother. As they gather outside to throw earth on the coffin, Ricky and Mandy stand side by side. Not wanting to see an argument take place, Ian quietly tells Bianca that Ricky and Mandy had a child together. Willing to give Ricky the chance to confess to her, Bianca is dismayed when he never says a word and informs him that their relationship is over.

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