Kyle Canning's grandmother set to be cast in 'Neighbours' later this year as she moves into Ramsay Street for a short stay!

NeighboursKyle Canning is set to be joined by his grandmother later this year. The Ramsay Street handyman was promoted to a regular character last year when he moved into Ramsay Street sharing a house with Jade Mitchell (Gemma Pranita) and Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor) and late last year, his cousin Dane Canning (Luke Pegler) joined the show for a limited time whilst Chris recovered from a football injury.

The lad's grandmother is set to be announced soon and will arrive to stay in Ramsay Street later this year as the show's bosses explore the Canning family further. Richard Jasek, the show's new executive producer told TV Week: ''We'll see more of the Canning family in the form of Kyle's grandmother coming and spending some time.'' Whilst he couldn't elaborate on who will be playing the character, Jasek confirmed that the character will be ''quite a big character - in all senses''.

The character is the latest in a long line of new castings following the announcement that chef Vanessa Villante and the Kapoor Family will both be joining the show's cast soon.

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