Coronation Street Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 2nd to Friday 6th January! - A dramatic week for Sally and Frank

This week on Coronation Street, Frank grows even closer to Sally and as they share a kiss, will their secret affair be exposed and if it is, who will be behind it? Meanwhile, fed up of being treated like she has something to apologize for, a furious Carla confronts the evil businessman and tells him that she's fed up of being blackmailed by his mum Ann. Meanwhile, Tina and Kirsty's fued continues to worsen, will they be able to put their disagreements behind them and try to get along for Tyrone's sake?

Monday 2nd January

Episode 1

In today's  first visit to Weatherfield, Carla decides to confront Frank about his mother Ann's blackmail of her but Peter tries to convince her to let it lie and not to let things deteriorate, can he get through to her? However, furious to hear that Frank is having a New Year's Party for all his business contacts with Sally assisting him, could Carla gatecrash the party? Elsewhere, Dev finds out about Amber's games, Jason is delighted when he's asked to model in Rosie's latest modelling job and Kirsty feels put out when Tina refuses her offer to go to the New Year's Sales with her and opts to shop alone.

Episode 2

Carla gatecrashes the business party and shouts the odds, disgusted at all her business associates who are attending the party at Frank's house. A furious Carla then reveals that Ann tried to blackmail her into dropping the charges but she leaves before Frank calls the police, will her actions have consequences? Following the gatecrash, Peter warns Carla that it could affect her trial and she is better playing things by the book. Meanwhile, Sally allows Frank to open up about his fears for the upcoming trial and is rewarded by a kiss. Meanwhile, having failed to mention Fiz's drinks invitation to Tyrone, Kirsty has some explaining to do when a confused Tyrone is questioned by Fiz as to why they said no to the invitation.

Thursday 5th January

Sally responds to Frank's apology for kissing her telling him that he has no need to apologise to her. Advising Frank on how to woo his business associates back, Sally tells him that he should start by Leydon. Meanwhile, still angry at Ann for blackmailing Carla, he tells his mum to stay away from the factory for a few weeks and encourages her to assist him in winning back his associates and they successfully convince Leydon that Frank is a victim of Carla's treachery. Elsewhere, could Eileen be about to embark on an affair with Paul as she struggles to get him out of her mind?

Friday 6th January

Episode 1

Frank and Sally share another kiss after she opens up to him about her feelings for him however they're unaware that they're being Eileen and Beth! Later that evening, Kevin makes cruel jibes about Beth as Steve is affronted to see her again but when she reveals what she's witnessed, Kevin hits the roof, is Frank playing a dangerous game? Tina schemes by getting Tommy to take Tyrone out for a lad's night out but upon hearing Rita say that she's lending her car to Tina, the car is pulled over by the police for speeding....but it's Rita who is behind the wheel. Convinced that Kirsty is behind it, Tina confronts her.

Episode 2

Furious upon hearing about Sally's passionate clinch with Frank, Kevin confronts his ex-wife and tells her that she's mad going out with Frank considering the allegations made against him but Sally is quick to defend her boss, telling Kevin in no uncertain terms that it's none of his business who she sees. Ignoring Sally's orders, Kevin storms round to Frank's house ready for a fight only to be told by Sally that Frank has just been informed of his father's death. Meanwhile, Sally has some news of her own to reveal to Kevin. Meanwhile, Tina accompanies Rita to the police station where she's told she has been driving illegally as she's over 70 and didn't reapply for her licence and faces a hefty fine, a furious Tina blames Kirsty for the whole thing.


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