Eastenders Episode Synopses for the week from Sunday 1st to Friday 6th January 2012 - A sad week for all residents as Pat slips away!

EastendersHave your hankies at the ready for this week's installments of Eastenders as we join the whole of Walford in mourning when beloved character Pat Evans bows out of the show after over 25 years on the show. The show's stalwart will be hanging up her earrings and going to the big Albert Square in the sky as she passes away with cancer, which she was quite recently diagnosed with. However, the question is, as the Square rally round the poorly pensioner and pay their last respects at her deathbed, will beloved son David Wicks get to her side in time and will everyone who visits her be so sympathetic?

Sunday 1st January - 70 Minutes Special

As Pat faces her final few hours of life, those closest to her gather at her bedside to pay their last respects to the ill pensioner. However, to Tanya's fury, Derek isn't so sympathetic as the evil-hearted man taunts the frail old woman about her illness, laughing at how she is going to die. Overhearing the conversation, Tanya flies into a rage branding Derek 'disgusting' and even brother Max turns against him when Derek retaliates by goading Tanya about HER illness. Meanwhile, Bianca is outraged to discover about Mandy and Ricky's night of passion when she notices the atmosphere between the duo.

Monday 2nd January 

The whole of Walford is in mourning after beloved resident Pat passes away peacefully as she succumbs to cancer. With Bianca and Ricky at each other's throats, Carol tries to be the stronghold for the family, putting on a brave face but as it all becomes too much for the put upon woman, she has an emotional moment interrupted by her old flame David. It's not just the Butchers who are in  mourning, however, as all residents keep their curtains closed and the Queen Vic, Minute Mart and cafe are shut as a mark of respect for the heart of the community. Later on, the residents are lead by Alfie in a toast to Pat however when Derek threatens David telling him he's not welcome in Walford, David refuses to back down.

Tuesday 3rd January

Denise steps up her campaign against Phil as she begins to hand out leaflets in the Square branding the Albert Square resident as a murderer. A furious Shirley sets Ben into action to remove the posters before Phil sees them but when the furious man catches a glimpse of one of them, Shirley tries the soft approach telling Denise that Kevin's death was a tragic accident and that he wasn't angry at Phil. However, will a heartbroken Denise finally give up her campaign?  Meanwhile, Kat is surprised when Alfie books the couple in for marriage counselling. Afia is distraught when an ashamed Tamwar refuses to see her in hospital, afraid that she won't want to remain with him.

Thursday 5th January

Ordering Patrick to remove all remaining posters, Phil unwittingly gets himself into more trouble as fed up of  Phil's attitude, Patrick gives an incriminating letter to Denise and advises her to call the police. Meanwhile, David and Carol grow closer when they're united as they find out about Ricky's one night stand and as they head out for a drink later on, Carol is disappointed to see David flirting with Roxy. Unbeknownst to her, however, unable to forget his feelings for Carol, David leaves the club alone. Amira continues to meddle in  Christian and Syed's already broken relationship as she publicly kisses Syed in order to warn Christian off him and later, as Syed tries to phone Christian, Amira fakes falling down the stairs.

Friday 6th January

Despite enjoying Carol becoming jealous over him and Roxy, David opens up to his ex and reveals that Roxy doesn't compare to her. Sinister Derek reveals that he taunted Pat over her illness whilst on her death bed to David and warns him that as soon as Pat has been buried, he'll be coming after him. Patrick hands himself in to the police thinking that the fireworks being stored in the B&B will affect the insurance but when he's informed that it doesn't change anything, Patrick decides to hand over the Minute Mart to Kim and Denise. Desperate to heal the rift between himself and Christian, Syed tries to get Qadim to convince Amira to accept their divorce, will this be enough to convince Christian to forgive Syed?

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