Coronation Street Episode Synopses for the week from Christmas Day (Sunday 25th) to Friday 30th December!

This week in Weatherfield, it's not looking to be a Merry Christmas for Becky as she's left fighting for her life and tries to protect her name from Tracy's spiteful allegations. Meanwhile, will peace and harmony reign supreme when Sian and Sophie head down the aisle? Will it heck! Elsewhere, Karl's gambling problem could end up breaking his family apart as he bets the family's future away, will he lose it all or will he be lucky and will his problems resurface in the New Year?Sunday 25th December (Christmas Day)

With the Street preparing for the Christmas Day celebrations, tragedy strikes as Becky is left fighting for her life and Peter promises not to let Carla down! Meanwhile, Eilleen invites Paul and Lesley to her house for Christmas Day lunch but can their relationship work with Lesley still being a part of it?

Monday 26th December

Becky resorts to drastic measures to try and clear her name from the allegations looming over her. Sian is shocked when Sophie  makes an unexpected suggestion. Eva breaks down as Nick makes a big confession, can they move on from this?

Tuesday 27th December

Tracy panics as Becky arrives at her doorstep with the police in tow, have they cottoned on to her false allegations? Meanwhile, Sophie is caught out when Amber makes a move on her. Chesney and Kirk underestimate their task of babysitting.

Thursday 29th December

Will Kevin keep schtum of what he has witnessed when Sophie and Sian prepare to walk down the aisle for their nuptials? Karl gives into temptation, will his actions have serious consequences? Mary becomes Norris' muse for the music competition, will it bring the duo closer together?

Friday 30th December

The truth comes out at the wedding but the question is, will Sian and Sophie go through with their vows or is one moment of weakness about to cost Sophie her whole relationship? Peter provides a much needed shoulder to cry on for Carla after Anne turns nasty and makes a shocking proposition.  Meanwhile, Karl gambles with the families' future.