Eastenders Episode Synopses for this week from Christmas Eve (24th December) to Friday 30th December!

EastendersThis week on Eastenders, it's Christmas time in the Square but those hoping to eat, drink and be merry are going to be in for a nasty surprise as Yusef's scheming comes to a head once and for all and it's going to cause things to explode somewhat, literally! Meanwhile, the Butcher family try to have a peaceful Christmas as Bianca gets out of prison but tragedy is on the way and Denise has a surprise when she opens a Christmas present on Christmas Day, who on the Square does it relate?Saturday 24th December - Christmas Eve

Masood and Zainab try to stop Yusef from acheiving his plan to go to Pakistan but has he cottoned onto their schemeing behind his back and what lengths will he go to? Phil's plans to catch his stalker, meanwhile, are put into place, the only question is whether he can successful lure his stalker into the set-up. Christian arrives back in Walford but he's in for a shock when he finds out about Amira and Syed's plans. Elsewhere, Bianca and Kat try to throw a Christmas lunch for both their families freezing Janine out in the process.

Sunday 25th December - Christmas Day at 9pm (Hour Long Episode)

Yusef is taken aback when Zainab finally stands up to the evil medic, what consequences will this have for Zainab's family and can Masood find Kamil in time? Max and Derek begin to vye for power over at the Branning household as the family try to stay together for Tanya's sake. Denise is shocked when she opens a surprise gift on Christmas Day which reveals something unexpected about a fellow resident. Meanwhile, Christmas Day lunch at the Mitchell's turns into chaos as Shirley can't stomach her dinner when something is revealed about Phil's stalker. Alfie hears Kat's heart-to-heart with Jean but what home truths does it uncover?

Monday 26th December

It's an explosive ending for the Yusef/Zainab/Masood love triangle as Yusef seeks his last revenge on the couple, putting the lives of everyone in Albert Square at risk.

Tuesday 27th December

As the residents of Albert Square try to take in what happened the night before, will life ever be the same again for several residents as the rubble clears and the extent of the damage done by Yusef's evil actions becomes real. Shirley confronts Phil's real stalker but with all the other events that have happened over the past few days in Walford, will Shirley find time to reveal their identity to Phil? Meanwhile, Derek takes Liam on as an unlikely apprentice but Pat isn't best pleased when she finds out.

Thursday 29th December

After taking a turn, Pat is once again in hospital undergoing tests but will her health take a turn for worse when she discharges herself from hospital behind the doctors' backs? Patrick comes clean to Denise and Kim, how will they react as he buckles under the pressure? Bianca rages at Janine for tormenting Pat over taking out a loan but the family could soon be without a home as they struggle to put the cash together when an evil Janine moves the repayment deadline up.

Friday 30th December

Kat and Alfie come together to throw a first birthday party for Tommy and Jean makes a feast fit for a king as they try to put a traumatic year behind them and celebrate Tommy's birthday in style but can the lavish party pull the constrained couple back together again? Janine and Michael attend the birthday party together but when  Janine storms out halfway through, Michael wonders what she's hiding. Ricky, Bianca and the family try to make personal sacrifices meanwhile to put money together for the new repayment deadline.


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