Emmerdale Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd December!

This week on Emmerdale, Adam tries to reunite his family for Christmas. Meanwhile as Laurel and Ashley prepare to renew their vows, can Ashley go through with the ceremony? Val tries to influence Amy to keep the baby.

Monday 19th December

Amy begins to consider keeping her baby. Meanwhile, Adam turns all Cilla Black as he tries to reunite his family for Christmas.  Jai shares his worries with Charity.

Tuesday 20th December

Val feels encouraged to learn that Amy has decided to name the baby. Laurel is annoyed by Sandy's disapproval of their marriage vow renewals. Chas feels frustrated upon learning of Aaron's concern for Cain.

Wednesday 21st December

Val insists that Amy keep the baby telling her that she'll be a good mother. Ashley is upset to learn that he's the subject of idle gossip in the village. Gennie is worried for Nikhil as he begins to act strangely.

Thursday 22nd December

Episode 1

Will Ashley decide to go through with the marriage renewals? Rhona and Paddy  provide a shoulder for Marlon.  Jai panics when he hears that the police have located Cain's car

Episode 2

Ashley takes out his frustrations on Sandy. Paddy tries to stop Marlon from crashing the marriage renewal ceremonies whilst Jai prepares for the worst.

Friday 23rd December

Charity is desperate to help Jai. Amy makes a decision about Kyle whilst Ashley struggles to move on.

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