Coronation Street Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd December!

This week on Coronation Street, Becky is devastated as Tracy makes serious accusations against her, Katy saves the day when disaster strikes at the nativity play and could end up being the one holding the baby.

Monday 19th December

Grieving Tracy goes to desperate measures to keep Steve, what is she going to resort to? Chesney and Gary have to explain themselves whilst David suspects a case of sabotage at the salon.

Thursday 22nd December

Becky is devastated when Tracy makes some serious allegations about her, is it true? David plots revenge whilst Peter makes a massive mistake, could it come back to bite him?

Friday 23rd December

Episode 1

Katy saves the day as the nativity faces a crisis but by the end of the night, will she have her own baby? The pressure mounts on Sophie as the big day comes closer and closer. Kylie comforts her sister Becky.

Episode 2

It's a race against time for Katy and Chesney, will they get to the hospital before the baby is born? As Tracy's lies get even worse, those who are closest to Becky doubt her, will they turn their backs on her? Sian has upsetting news for Sophie.