Eastenders Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd December!

EastendersThis week on Eastenders, it's the big day for Mandy and Ian as they prepare to get hitched but will they go through with the wedding? Meanwhile, Yusef plays mind games with Zainab and Ricky is nervous that Mandy will let slip about their night of passion.

Monday 19th December

Mandy is unsure of whether she can go through with her wedding to Ian in today's visit to the Square but will she get cold feet and leave Ian standing? Meanwhile, Yusef announces that he's taking Zainab and Kamil to Pakistan causing chaos for Zainab leading her to take drastic actions which have major repercussions.

Tuesday 20th December

Zainab is terrified when Yusef tells her that he has Kamil and refuses to tell her where he has him, what will she do? Meanwhile, Ricky worries that Bianca will find out about his night with Mandy when she comes out and manipulates Ian into taking her away. Alfie and Kat pretend that everything is okay in front of Jean, with Jean showing signs that all is not well, Kat tells her she'll look after her.

Thursday 22nd December

Zainab is at her wits end when Yusef fails to bring Kamil back safely however she's forced to play along with his wicked games in order to get her beloved son back. Meanwhile, Zainab finally opens up to Masood about what is happening, desperate to save his son, Masood takes things into his own hands.

Friday 23rd December

Zainab is shocked when Yusef tells her that he can't be tricked just as he's about  to reunite her with little Kamil. It's a race against time for Masood as he races to save Zainab and his son whilst Alfie accuses Kat of using Jean as an excuse not to confront their relationship problems.

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