New Rovers Return owner revealed, set to take over the 'Coronation Street' pub next year!

Coronation Street bar manager Stella Price (Michelle Collins) is set to take over the Rovers when she and partner Karl Munro (John Michie) buy the business from boss Steve Mc Donald (Simon Gregson). Stella who moved to Weatherfield earlier this year will become the owner as well as her role as bar manager.

The couple will decide to buy the pub after Steve puts it up for sale in the New Year to ease his debts. Speaking on Lorraine this morning, Michelle Collins who plays the character teased: ''I've had my name above the door for quite a while now as manager, but now she's actually going to own it. They struggle to get the money together to get a mortgage.''

''And they're turned down by a few people because they're 'too old'. But then you'll see what happens. It's quite exciting, being the owner of The Rovers." Collins added that her character will show different sides to her personality in 2012 stating: "I'd love to create another iconic character. I think Stella seems to be a bit like the Mother Teresa of Corrie - suddenly she's everybody's agony aunt.''

''They're injecting a little bit of steeliness into her. I think people have got to like you first, but now she gets involved in some big storylines. The love triangle between Carla, Leanne and Peter, she's very much involved in that."

''And then obviously Karl with all his gambling. Which I think is good, because I think there's a lot of that going on out there. I think it's a big problem and it probably will be a big problem because we're in this big recession, so I think people will relate to that story and how Stella copes with that."