Rosie Webster's 'Coronation Street' exit revealed?

Wannabe model Rosie Webster (Helen Flanagan) will leave the Street after dumping her boyfriend Jason Grimshaw (Ryan Thomas) in favour of a lucrative television contract. The young woman who is a model will dump Jason in favour of taking a new gig which will see her starring in a television show.

According to the Daily Star, Rosie who is set to leave next year after actress Helen Flanagan quit the show in October will leave after being offered a contract to star in a new fly-on-the-wall television series leading to her dumping construction worker Jason.

The new gig comes with a big decision as the show's bosses tell her that she'll have to be single so she can flirt with the male stars of the television show and superficial Rosie isn't long letting Jason down telling him: ''I'm sorry Jason, but I don't want you to come with me. I can only go on TV if I'm single. And they've warned me if they find out I've got a boyfriend, they'll kick me off."

An angry Jason soon gives her a piece of his mind telling Rosie: ''I think you're disgusting. If you can just dump me after all we've been through together then I'm better off without you." The door is set to be left open for Rosie with her parents Sally and Kevin (Sally Dyvenor and Michael LeVell) telling her if things go wrong, she's always welcome back.

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