Hollyoaks Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 12th to Friday 16th December!

This week on Hollyoaks, Brendan causes trouble in Mitzeee and Warren's relationship, Tara returns and serves as a thorn in the side of Callum and Maddie's relationship and Annalise tries to plan a perfect Christmas for the students!

Monday 12th December

Tara’s return spells trouble for Callum and Maddie’s relationship when Tara refuses to give up on her teenage love.  Warren’s attempts to keep Mitzeee on side leave her feeling more frightened than ever as Brendan continues to drip poison.  Elsewhere, Darren and Tony’s business rivalry leaves the pair at odds and Jono and Neil find themselves caught between the warring friends.

Tuesday 13th December

A hurt Maddie lashes out at Callum but will her harsh words send him running back into Tara’s arms?  Dennis attempts to woo Leanne but her sights are set elsewhere.  Meanwhile, Darren and Tony’s war turns messy and Annalise decides to plan the perfect Christmas for the students.

Wednesday 14th December

Maddie embarks on a mission of self destruct to try and rid her feelings for Callum.  Meanwhile, Callum and Tara spend the day together and a worried Ash learns of Tara’s return.  Leanne is oblivious to Dennis’ true feelings when she recruits him to help ensnare Matt.  Elsewhere, Neil and Jono work together to reunite Darren and Tony while Ash causes tension in Halls when she recruits the students to help with her assignment.

Thursday 15th December

George’s attempts to reunite Maddie and Callum backfire when Maddie begins to isolate herself from the group whilst Ash’s meddling forces Callum to give Tara an ultimatum.  Will enjoys a Christmas with the students but unknowingly leaves Theresa out in the cold.  Elsewhere, Nancy worries about Mitzeee’s disappearance and Dennis saves the day when Leanne is stood up by Matt.

Friday 16th December

Bart gives Maddie some home truths but can she reach Callum in time to stop him leaving town with Tara?  Mitzeee returns from a fraught trip with Warren but has her time away made her reconsider Brendan’s proposal?  Meanwhile, Will has some making up to do with Theresa and Leanne’s attempts to make Matt jealous leave Dennis looking like the cat who got the cream.

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