Home And Away Episode Synopses from Monday 12th to Friday 16th December!

This week on Home And Away, Charlie grows suspicious of Brax, Leah turns to Elijah for advice on her relationship and April has some apologies to make after a mishap! With thanks to Channel 5 for these synopses!

Monday 12th December

Charlie and Watson search Brax's house, and find a jacket similar to the one worn by the getaway driver of the robbery. Called in for questioning, Brax uses Hayley as his alibi; when she denies it, Watson and Charlie argue over his guilt. After later confronting both Benji and Hayley, Brax insists that Jake has set him up, but it fails to stop Watson removing Charlie from the case. With the pressue of the HSCs taking its toll on the students of Summer Bay High, Miles has a talk with Ruby and encourages her find her inner strength. Inspired, he then arranges for all the kids to perform Tai Chi on the beach to help them find their focus. Elsewhere, as she struggles to deal with her anger towards Miles, Leah seeks advice from Elijah.

Tuesday 13th December

Benji is brought in for questioning and states that Brax was driving the getaway car. When Charlie fails to convince Inspector Joyce of Brax’s innocence, she conspires with Brax to steal the evidence. As Charlie battles her guilt, Joyce reduces her duties while investigations into the stolen evidence continue.

April is keen to make amends and apologises over the prescription pad incident – to everyone but Dex. When she asks Xavier whether he knows what’s got Dex so upset, he suggests it may have something to do with the relationship talk he’s wanted to have with her. When April confronts Dex, however, she quickly realises he’s actually hurt by her lack of apology, and even more so that she failed to realise it. Elsewhere, keen to surprise Stu, who is under pressure at school and at home, Sasha heads to a dodgy tattoo parlour.

Wednesday 14th December

Still battling her guilt over the stolen evidence, Charlie talks Bianca into taking a trip to a secluded cabin. After Brax and Heath join them, and the couples pair off, Charlie remains troubled as she drives home, accidentally knocking Liam off his motorbike. It’s Irene’s first day back at work at the diner, but a dizzy spell causes her to collapse, it’s painfully clear she isn’t ready to pick up her life. Love continues to blossom between Sasha and Stu, but when she shows him the tattoo of his drawing, he slaps her across the face. When Sid walks into their argument, he pulls Sasha aside and tries to be a supportive father by taking her to dinner. After Sid fails to honour their plans, Stu turns up and apologises to Sasha - but will she forgive him?

Thursday 15th December

As Liam recovers in hospital, with Bianca by his side, Charlie struggles under the weight of her conscience. In the face of police questioning, Bianca and Heath sign sworn statements testifying they were in the car that Liam hit. When news comes in that Sam has confessed to driving the getaway car used in the robbery, Brax is in the clear; however, consumed by guilt, Charlie tenders her resignation from the police. Romeo fails to see eye-to-eye with Indi over his decision to walk away from Harvey and the boat business. After overhearing their argument, Sid broaches the issue with Alf, who decides to delay the sale of the Blaxland while he reconsiders Harvey’s offer. Quick to realise that Harvey can't be trusted, Indi suggests that Sid warns Roo - and, when he does, he’s forced to admit he still loves her. Meanwhile, Irene has taken a step back in her recovery following her collapse at the diner. To help cheer her up, Elijah, Roo, Alf, Marilyn, and Leah hold a pink ribbon fundraiser.

Friday 16th December

Roo is torn between her feelings for Sid and Harvey and seeks advice from Marilyn. When Roo questions whether Harvey is using her to get the Blaxland, she soon realises her friends were right about his duplicitous ways and cuts him loose. After visiting the Farm House to inform Romeo of Alf's decision about the Blaxland, Roo apologises to Sid for her reaction to his declaration - but will he still want to know? Leah’s anger towards Miles begins to affect VJ, who acts out as a result. Miles tries to talk to him, but it’s becoming increasingly clear to VJ that Leah is really to blame for their relationship trouble. When she refuses to listen to him, VJ packs his bags and runs away. The rest of the town is in full swing preparing for the pink ribbon event; however, Irene is not handling the setback in her recovery. Marilyn visits to offer her some supportive advice and eventually convinces her to take a walk with her to the beach, where she discovers the surprise fundraiser. Irene’s spirits are lifted as the town gather around her in support of such a good cause.

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