Neighbours Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 12th to Friday 16th December!

NeighboursThis week in Erinsborough, Kate's guilt over the Noah situation continues to eat at her. Meanwhile, a cosy night in turns into a night of mayhem for poor Sonya and Toadie and Lucas feels under pressure to sell the garage.

Monday 12th December

Kate remains determined to keep her distance from Noah so, when she hears he's coming round to give Sophie a bass lesson, suggests an impromptu shopping trip. But she can't avoid him the second time, when he arranges for their band to play at the PirateNet Awareness gig. With Sophie playing bass, Kate has no choice but to attend, deeply suspicious it's all a setup by Noah to get close to her again. At the gig, Kate's surprised when Noah insists he's got the message and is now over her. But just as she starts to wonder if she's got him all wrong, Noah seizes the opportunity of their being alone to try kissing her again. Furious, Kate rejects him, with a stunned Sophie witnessing the ensuing fallout. But how much has Sophie seen? Meanwhile, Sonya is keen to spend some quality time with Toadie, and so urges a reluctant Jade to take Callum out for the night. However, when she does eventually find herself alone with her man, it isn't long before her romantic plan collapses - along with the sofa. Elsewhere, the pressure builds on Lucas to make a decision about selling the garage to the developers. But after witnessing the effects of stress on Michael, he decides he's happy with what he's got and tells Toadie he won't be accepting their offer.

Tuesday 13th December

Having witnessed the tense moment between Kate and Noah, but still unsure of the cause of their conflict, Sophie tries to get to the bottom of it. With neither party giving anything away, she resorts to stealing Noah's notebook. Sophie's shocked to see the evidence of Noah's crush on her older sister – will her reaction finally expose Kate's secret indiscretion? Meanwhile, Mal arranges a rendezvous with Jade, but the pair are stymied when Susan and Sonya arrive home unexpectedly. Forced to hide, they overhear Sonya bemoaning Jade's habit of only dating emotionally unavailable men. Now it's confirmed that she has no romantic investment in their tryst, can Mal bring himself to continue their affair? On a high after hearing Kyle's yard will not be sold out from under him, Dane celebrates the win with a night out. Rhys is happy to be his wingman, but when he violates the 'bro code', Dane decides to teach him a lesson. And it's one with big consequences for Rhys...

Wednesday 14th December

After his night out with Dane, Rhys wakes to find he has an interview for the surgery programme that morning. Guilty that his cheeky payback has caused so much trouble, Dane helps him get to the hospital on time. Late but determined to pull it together, Rhys is given hope when he gets along well with the interview panel. However, when forced to provide more technical medical answers, his brain fails him. Furious that he's blown it, he blames Jade. Having warned Mal to be careful around flirty Jade, Karl is still uneasy when he realises Mal's lied to him about being in contact with Catherine. Worried the distance between Mal and his wife is straining their marriage, Karl encourages Mal to go home. But, having bargained with himself that he can be with Jade until Christmas, Mal claims he wants to stay for his parents. Karl's suspicions about Mal are piqued when he cancels their dinner plans. And when Karl follows Mal, he's shocked to have his worst confirmed. Elsewhere, having booked a cruise using the expected money from the sale of Kyle's yard, Lou is seriously worried when he discovers that Lucas is steadfastly refusing to sell the garage.

Thursday 15th December

Now knowing about Mal's affair with Jade, Karl is forced to watch his son lie to Catherine and Susan to cover his tracks. When, having been confronted, Mal struggles to cool things off with Jade, Karl speaks from experience to make a heartfelt appeal. With the damage already done, will Mal be able to resist Jade's lure, and will Karl choose to keep his son's secret? When Michael's discharged from hospital, Tash suggests asking Emilia to help out around the house. When her dad rejects the idea, she initially takes on the challenge herself but, as her studies begin to suffer, will Tash be forced to go against Michael's wishes? Meanwhile, Kyle's guilt grows as Rhys continues to blame Jade for his failure to make the surgery programme. As the situation escalates, can Dane bring himself to step in and risk his friendship in the process?

Friday 16th December

Unable to accept he's missed out on a place in the surgery programme, Rhys appeals to Martin to pull some strings. When he refuses, Rhys resigns himself to the idea he's ruined his chances and goes to visit a mystery woman in a nursing home. How does she fit into his life? Worried she's failed as a carer, Tash invites Emilia over to help look after Michael. Confronted, Michael attempts to cut short the visit, but Emilia assures him their secret is safe; she won't let Tash learn the terrible truth. But can Michael really trust in that assurance? Fearing Mal won't end his affair, Karl steps in and warns Jade to back off. Embarrassed and fearing the whole thing is becoming messy, she calls it quits, but is Mal ready to stop seeing her?

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