Emmerdale Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 12th to Friday 16th December!

This week on Emmerdale, Cain's condition worsens as he recovers from the injuries sustained in the mystery attack. Meanwhile, the villagers are all on tenterhooks as the list of suspects continues to grow and nobody is looking particularly innocent. Meanwhile, Marlon is uncomfortable as Laurel and Ashley plan their renewal of wedding vows.

Monday 12th December

Cain's conditions worsen whilst everyone turns against each other with tensions running high. Moira begins to worry that she has got John into trouble and Charity protests her innocence to a suspicious Debbie.

Tuesday 13th December

Debbie notices Cain's car is missing, who has taken it and where is it at? Elsewhere, Jai remains adamant that he played no part in the attack on Cain and John despairs that only Cain is able to spare him from being charged for the attack.

Wednesday 14th December

Belle is impressed by rebellious Sean as the youngsters become friendly, is a romance on the cards? Aaron is keen to avenge Cain, who is behind the attack on the mechanic? Meanwhile, Laurel can sense that Ashley is being distant.

Thursday 15th December

Episode 1

Charity demands that Jai is honest and upfront about his feelings for her.  Marlon doesn't feel very comfortable as Laurel and Ashley announce plans to renew their marriage vows whilst Debbie is anxious for Cain to wake up.

Episode 2

As he wakes up, will Cain remember who was behind his mystery attack or will his mind be hazy? Laurel confesses her fling with Marlon to Nicola, has she made a mistake? Meanwhile, Debbie provides an unlikely support for Amy.

Friday 16th December

Still critically ill, Cain gives a name as to who attacked him. The crucial question is, has he been telling the truth or is this a carefully crafted lie? Val tries to persuade Amy not to give up her baby! John's anxious to clear his name!