Coronation Street Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 12th to Friday 16th December!

This week on Coronation Street, Leanne is oblivious as Peter makes a life-changing decision, Lloyd decides to leave Weatherfield as he tries to put his traumatic last few months behind him and Owen continues to bicker with David and Kylie, is a Street war on the cards?

Monday 12th December

Episode 1

Unbeknown to Leanne, Peter is making a life-changing decision, will he live to regret it? Karl is furious when he discovers the secret that Lloyd and Stella have been keeping from him and Owen spots an opportunity to take revenge on Gary and Kylie.

Episode 2

As Leanne confronts him, Peter is faced with a dilemma whether or not to tell her the truth. Steve and Tracey are shocked by the deal made by Lloyd and Becky and residents in Weatherfield haggle as Gary and Chesney sell Christmas trees.

Thursday 15th December

Lloyd bids farewell to Weatherfield as he decides to put the past behind him and move on, will he be back? Peter battles with his conscience, struggling to deal with his actions and Owen's feud with David and Kylie begins to spiral out of control.

Friday 16th December

Episode 1

Becky is annoyed when Steve decides to gatecrash her meeting with Dan, has he blown all her chances? Tracy jumps to conclusions after she interrogates Karl. Meanwhile, Carla is rattled after she lies to her solicitor.

Episode 2

Tracy is rushed to hospital, what is wrong with her and as Becky propositions Steve, has she any part in Tracy's mystery collapse. Lesley begins to get aggressive with Eileen, what does she do? Rita and Emily battle it out in the kitchen.

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