Eastenders Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 12th December to Friday 15th December!

EastendersThis week in Walford, Shirley decides to try and get to the bottom of Phil's stalker mystery. Meanwhile, the kids prepare for Ricky's return home for Christmas and Yusef turns abusive towards Zainab as his hold on her continues to loosen.

Monday 12th December

Shirley tries to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding the person who is sending threatening letters to Phil. However, as she tries to dig into the mystery, she is shocked as she realises that it could be someone a lot closer to home than she first thought. Meanwhile, as Jean swoons over a mystery man in the Square, Kat encourages him to speak to him. However, when she finally plucks up the courage, she's shocked when he reveals his identity.

Tuesday 13th December

As Ricky returns to Albert Square, a delighted Pat helps the kids to prepare for his arrival as they hope that he'll bring home money for them to celebrate Christmas. However, as he makes his return, he doesn't have quite the news that his children were hoping for. Reeling from the evidence he found, Phil is on the warpath but Shirley thinks he's wrong.

Thursday 15th December

As Phil lashes out, the Branning/Mitchell feud intensifies and it soon has terrible consequences as Jack prevents Roxy from seeing Amy entirely. Meanwhile, after the retaliation from Phil, Derek warns him not to go near his family or he'll cause trouble for the Mitchells. Meanwhile, Pat and the family worry about their financial situation.

Friday 16th December

Zainab tries to escape the clutches of Yusef after he lashes out at her, feeling like his power over the helpless woman is beginning to weaken but can she get away? Pat turns to Janine for help after a day out in Clacton with the family as the financial situation grows worse. Meanwhile, Ian and Jane have a dinner party with their respective partners Mandy and Masood but will their competitiveness lead to a shock announcement?



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