New Erinsborough family cast on C5 soap 'Neighbours', set to arrive next year!

Neighbours chiefs have announced the introduction of new family, The Kapoors to the show's regular cast. Local councillor Ajay Kapoor (Sachin Jaob) and his wife Priya (Menik Gooneratne) have both been appearing as guest characters since the summer.

However, in a plan to introduce new characters to the show's regular cast, the couple are set to become regular fixtures on the show from early next year alongside their daughter Rani (Coco-Jacinta Cherian). Soon to depart executive producer Susan Bower commented: ''I'm delighted by how the Kapoors have been introduced. Viewers already know them because of their role in the community and link with other characters, and their cultural background is secondary.''

''We have had many individual characters who have been representative of Australia's diverse cultural landscape, however to have a family of Indian and Sri Lankan heritage join the neighbourhood is very exciting." Australian viewers have already seen Priya appointed acting head of Erinsborough High.

UK viewers are set to see the woman in action soon as she settles into her temporary role. The new castings come in the wake of the announcement of new regular character Vanessa Villante and the arrival of Jade Mitchell's (Gemma Pranita's) ex-boyfriend next year.

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