Hollyoaks Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 5th to Friday 9th December!

This week down in Chester, Brendan get his claws into Joel. Meanwhile, Ruby tries to get closer to Louis and his mates and Mitzeee gets on the wrong side of Warren Fox, will she soon regret it?

Monday 5th December

Brendan gets his claws into Joel and Warren sees red. Warren tells Ethan he wants rid of Brendan Brady. Ethan refuses to help. Warren’s not taking ‘no’ for an answer and resorts to blackmail, naturally. Fearing she’s losing her friend Sinead, Ruby tries to win her back round. Meanwhile, sparks fly between Theresa and Joel.

Tuesday 6th December

Warren pressurises Ethan to help him with an alibi so that he can get rid of Brendan. Liberty learns the truth about Ethan and Rob’s hit and run.  Jack warns Louis, Danny and Laurence off Ruby but desperate to win Sinead’s favour, Ruby takes a big risk.  Brendan discovers Joel is sleeping rough in the club and, seeing an opportunity to get one over on Warren, he offers to help.

Wednesday 7th December

Ruby’s in trouble when Jack discovers he’s missing some money. Theresa tackles Warren over Ethan’s confession – is it true that Warren was blackmailing him? Joel reveals to Warren why he spent time in Young Offenders. Warren begs Mitzeee to come back to him. With Callum and Maddie studiously ignoring each other, Tilly and George intervene – these young lovers are meant to be together, but maybe fate needs a helping hand?

Thursday 8th December

Callum dares Maddie to find out more about him on the couple’s first proper date. Maddie discovers who broke Callum’s heart which led him to be so mysterious. When a gang of lads get too friendly with Theresa, Joel steps in to help. Mitzeee discovers that Warren has been lying to her about Ethan. Nancy warns Mitzeee – as long as she’s with Warren she’s in great danger. Darren makes one last ditch attempt to save Mobs.

Friday 9th December

Nancy is horrified to receive a warning visit from Brendan. A fearful Mitzeee realises that there is no escaping Warren Fox. Brendan suggests a terrifying solution. Maddie loses her cool when Callum rejects her. Maddie comes face to face with Callum’s ex and gets a big shock.  Ruby grows worried when Darren throws all the money he has into making Mobs’ Christmas grotto a tinselly success. Is Darren about to lose everything he’s got?


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