Home And Away Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 5th to Friday 9th December!

This week in Summer Bay, April struggles with her OCD as she tops up her study drugs. Sasha struggles to avoid Stu following his attack on her last week. Meanwhile, Charlie begins to grow suspicious of Charlie and Brax's increasingly close relationship.

Monday 5th December

April is hitting the books hard, still pepped up on her study drugs, while Bianca and Irene worry she may once again be struggling with her OCD. When April hears that Sid has informed Charlie of the missing prescription pad, and subsequently accused Sasha and Stu of stealing it, she instantly becomes paranoid. She only feels more guilty when Bianca returns from a staff meeting to inform her she’s been awarded Dux of the school. Will April accept the award? Sasha is avoiding Stu after he slapped her, but finds herself under attack at home too when Sid accuses her of stealing his prescription pad. When Stu brings Sasha a ring to apologise for what happened, it proves to be all she needs to side with her charming boyfriend once more. Elsewhere, Charlie spies Brax and Hayley getting cosy during a surfing lesson on the beach. When she later approaches Brax at home, she runs into Hayley – who appears to be getting familiar with Brax again.

Tuesday 6th December

River Boy Benji is out of prison and turns up on Brax’s doorstep looking to get back into business, swiftly turning down a job as a delivery driver for Angelo's. Meanwhile, Charlie begins the investigation into an armed robbery at a service station, and is forced to question Brax after learning that the assailant had a distinctive tattoo over his lower back. Later, at Angelo's, Brax runs into Benji and another River Boy, Sam, flaunting cash and celebrating over a few beers. Clocking Benji’s tattoo, Brax joins the dots and kicks the boys out of the restaurant. As Charlie examines security footage from the robbery she finds a clue to the identity of the assailant – a discarded apple core. When it’s announced that April is being awarded Dux of the School, the combination of guilt, the effects of the drugs and the pressure of writing her speech results in her breaking down and confessing to Ruby. After seeing a wired April at the diner, Heath visits Bianca to let her know that her sister is using prescription drugs. Meanwhile, at the school assembly, April passes out during her Dux acceptance speech.

Wednesday 7th December

After April collapses at the school assembly, Sid discovers that she has taken prescription meds and gives her strict orders to get some rest before her HSC begins the following day. Sid reprimands her for stealing his prescription pad but lets her off the hook on criminal charges. Following the school assembly, Sasha approaches Roo to rent a caravan in an attempt to move out of home. Sid tracks Sasha down to apologise for accusing her, but she admits she doesn’t feel like one of the family and certainly can’t count on him. Miles and Leah are at each other’s throats over his pile of books in the hallway, but it’s clear something more serious is unsettling the pair. nable to take the atmosphere at home, Miles packs his bags. When Liam learns April’s been using drugs, he confronts Heath, assuming he’s dealing again. Bianca leaps to Heath’s defence, cementing in Liam’s mind that his relationship with her is over.

Thursday 8th December

Leah convinces Miles to stay, but it’s clear as she expresses her concerns to Marilyn that she isn't entirely sold on the idea. Meanwhile, VJ and Miles have a heart-to-heart, and Miles promises to stop fighting with Leah – one that he manages to break later that day, prompting a rethink of his living arrangements. As Dennis celebrates the imminent approval of the resort development over a few champagnes with John and Roo, Romeo and Indi approach him about the future of the marina contract. According to Dennis, Romeo is a shoe in; the following day, Indi secures an internship at his business. After a dangerous fuel leak on the boat, Harvey complains to Alf about Romeo’s carelessness and offers to buy the Blaxland. However, when Liam tells Romeo he saw Harvey at the marina with a can of petrol the night before, Romeo realises he’s been set up.

Friday 9th December

After moving back to the caravan park, Miles is left questioning whether he’s made the right decision. Meanwhile, Leah struggles to explain to VJ why he's moved out. After a couple of beers, Miles decides to call Leah, leaving a heartfelt message on her machine. Fighting her jealousy over Brax and Hayley’s blossoming romance, Charlie agrees to go on a date with the victim of an armed robbery she’s investigating. But Charlie can’t get Brax out of her mind. Things are further complicated when forensics link Brax to the crime scene of the armed robbery and Constable Watson informs her that he was the driver of the getaway car. Romeo tries desperately to get in touch with Liam – the only witness to Harvey’s petrol sabotage of the Blaxland – before Alf signs the boat away. Romeo eventually gives Alf an ultimatum, but with whom will he side?

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