Neighbours Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 5th December!

NeighboursThis week on Neighbours, the kiss continues to play on Kate's mind and when Noah invites Sophie to a gig, she doesn't know what to do. Meanwhile, Jade fears that her affair with Mal is about to be exposed and Andrew comes across some unexpected footage when editing the history wall video.

Monday 5th December

With Noah hiding in the kitchen at Harold's, Kate has to do some fast talking to get Sophie home without arousing suspicion. Her relief is short-lived, however, when Noah turns up on their doorstep and Sophie asks him to stay for dinner. Knowing Kate will have to be chaperone, Noah invites Sophie to a gig in the city. The last thing Kate wants to do is give him any encouragement, but if she doesn't go, will this make Noah angry enough to tell Sophie about the kiss? When Rhys announces he wants to take her and Dane out to celebrate his successful barbecue, Jade declines and seizes the opportunity to invite Mal over for a secret rendezvous - only for their fun to be cut short when the boys return early. Will their affair be exposed, or will Jade find a way to get Mal out of the house undetected? Wanting to prove he's a supportive boyfriend, Andrew decides he's going to secretly edit Summer's history wall footage for her journalism folio. With the best of intentions at heart, Andrew's stunned when he discovers the footage of Kate and Noah kissing.

Tuesday 6th December

After finding footage of Kate and Noah's kiss, Andrew wrestles with what to do and finally decides to confront her with it. Kate insists it was a one-off mistake and begs Andrew to destroy the evidence. He initally considers protecting his cousin by deleting Summer's time-lapse footage, but then he's reminded how important it is for her future. Torn by the decision in front of him, Andrew weighs up the consequences for both Kate and Summer‟s careers, and ultimately decides there's more at stake for Kate. He returns Summer's laptop, and covers his actions by claiming he accidentally deleted her history wall footage. Seeing his girlfriend's devastation, however, Andrew feels terrible. Has he done the right thing? Keen to continue his affair with Jade, Mal wrongly assumes he should surprise her with a romantic gesture - only for his plan to backfire when she rejects his efforts. When Mal queries Jade's reaction, she spells out her boundaries and suggests they call off the affair unless he can stick to them. Mal's taken aback but, when he follows her rules, finds he gets what he wants. Can he remain emotionless to keep Jade interested? When lonely Karl feels he needs a new focus in life, he's reminded of the Peruvian adventure he planned to take with Susan, and decides to take up Spanish lessons. Mal calls him on holding out hope of still travelling to South America with Susan someday. Karl denies all, but has he really given up?

Wednesday 7th December

After learning that Andrew's deleted parts of her journalism folio, Summer is urged to concentrate on her grades and the imminent VCE Literature exam. She struggles to focus until Susan steps in and gives her the study support she desperately needs. Her confidence is momentarily boosted, but nerves get the better of her and Summer prepares to do the unthinkable - cheat. Wanting to pursue his relationship with Emilia, Lucas tries to find out why there's so much tension between her and Michael. Emilia and Michael downplay the questions, but when they're forced to spend the night together with Lucas, tension between the pair is palpable. Lucas demands an explanation and, to Michael's relief, Emilia defuses the situation by revealing only parts of the truth. Despite this apparent truce, its clear Michael isn't coping with Emilia forming deeper ties to the people in his life.

Thursday 8th December

Summer's plan to cheat on her exam hits a hurdle when she realises she has to leave her phone in a box in the exam room; forced to come up with a new idea, she plants her phone in the bathroom. Although she tries to get through her exam unaided, Summer decides to go ahead with her plan when she can't remember her quotes and panics. Having struggled to get to her phone while avoiding suspicion, she's horrified when it starts ringing – with Michael waiting outside her door. It looks like Summer has thrown away her entire future, until Michael's stress levels take their toll. Paul is frustrated to see his campaign against the shopping centre is having little effect. When he learns his house cleaner Lorraine also works for councilor Ajay Kapoor, he spots an opportunity to form an alliance and dig up some dirt on the council. Paul thinks he's succeeded, but doesn't count on the trustworthiness of Lorraine.

Friday 9th December

As Michael's rushed to hospital, Summer is left feeling guilt-ridden, fearing their confrontation about her cheating led to his collapse. Seeing Tash blaming herself, Summer considers revealing the truth behind what happened; however, she chooses to keep what she's done from her friends and instead tries to confess her guilt to Rhys – only for him to dismiss her emotional concerns. Learning that Michael has pulled through, Summer is relieved but prepares to face the music. However, she's stunned when he doesn't appear to remember catching her cheating. Desperate to keep her mistake under wraps, Summer doesn't reveal the truth. But will this secret end up eating away at her? When Sonya foils Callum's plans to escape his paper round in favour of playing his online game, he grudgingly sets off on his neighbourhood route. Thinking he's finished in record time, Callum's disgruntled when he realises he has another load of papers to deliver and, clock ticking, secretly dumps them in the bin. Dodging Sonya's suspicions and arriving home in plenty of time to go online, Callum seems to have got away with his scheme – for now. Meanwhile, shaken by her dad's health scare, Tash blames herself for putting so much pressure on Michael. But she's comforted by Emilia's presence, glad that she and her dad aren't alone anymore.