Coronation Street Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 5th to Friday 9th December!

This week in Weatherfield, Karl gives into temptation as he gambles, Peter faces the realities of life as an alcoholic and the victims of the tram crash areĀ rememberedĀ as the first anniversary of the tram crash is held.

Monday 5th December

Episode 1

Karl is unable to resist the temptation of the casino as he gambles. Tina faces the wrath of the law and Carla and Frank battle against each other as they continue to run their rival businesses.

Episode 2

The memories of the tram crash come flooding back to Peter as he remembers how far he has come since then. Lloyd feels foolish when he misreads the signals. Meanwhile, Tommy is worried that Tina is plotting revenge.

Thursday 8th December

Peter faces the reality of life as an alcoholic whilst Leanne struggles to think 0f the future without a child of her own. Carla opens up about her chequered past.

Friday 9th December

Episode 1

The Street come together as a community and remember the victims of last year's Tram Crash. Carla is worried when Peter's behaviour begins to spiral out of control. Meanwhile, Tyrone pleads with Tina for the sake of his relationship.

Episode 2

Peter and Carla begin to realise more about each other. Owen is on the warpath and Tyrone has surprising news for Tina and Tommy.