Eastenders Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 5th December to Friday 9th December!

EastendersThis week in Eastenders, Yusef's secrets threaten to destroy his dreams of happiness for him and Zainab. Meanwhile, Lola gets injured in Phil's search for his stalker and Derek moves into Pat's house after an invitation from Carol, what will Pat say?

Monday 5th December

The skeletons come flying out from all corners as Yusef's lies catch up with him, will he and Zainab still go to Pakistan? Max turns to Jane for help as he struggles to be able to support Tanya through her cancer treatment. Kat goes on a girls' night out as she continues to feel neglected by Alfie.

Tuesday 6th December

Still reeling from Yusef's confession, Zainab begins to have doubts about her and Yusef's relationship. Phil is lead to somewhere quite unexpected as the police raid all of his properties. Meanwhile, Patrick is roped into Anthony and Alfie's latest moneymaking scheme.

Thursday 8th December

Lola is hurt as Phil turns to desperate measures in order to find out who his stalker is. Denise is worried for her friend when Zainab and Yusef announce their plans to move to Pakistan, can she convince Zainab not to go? Rainie blocks Tanya out as she struggles to come to terms with recent events.

Friday 9th December

Lola's health is left lying in the balance following the previous day's events. Phil is arrested for possession of stolen goods but when he blames someone else, he has a lucky escape. Carol believes that Derek has changed but when she moves him in to Pat's house, the woman in question isn't best pleased!

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