'Hollyoaks' actress Carley Stenson to return for one episode guest role this Christmas!

Hollyoaks actress Carley Stenson is set to make a one-off return to the C4 soap as her character Steph Roach, not very unusual, until you consider that her character is dead! The actress who has went on to star on stage in Legally Blonde - The Musical since leaving the show last year will return for one episode over Christmas playing the ghost of her character who decided to end it all by stepping back into the fire instead of letting herself succumb to her terminal cancer last November.

Steph will return as an angel in a special episode due to be aired on Boxing Day as student Doug Carter (PJ Brennan) reaches the depths of despair. Feeling lonely and depressed as the festive season approaches, Doug questions whether his life is worth living at all.

With all his friends away home for the holidays, vulnerable Doug decides to end it all by jumping off a bridge but to his surprise, he finds himself back at his flat with a vision of Steph as an angel before him. Convincing him of all the good he has done over the past year, Angel Steph recalls to Doug how without him one  young villager would be pregnant whilst another couldn't have coped after losing his family in the fallout from the Silas Blissett (Jeff Rawle) chaos.

However a less welcome vision shows how his girlfriend Bex (Daisy Turner) would still be alive had he not came to Chester. Jenny was killed by serial killer Silas after trying to scam him. A statement released by Hollyoaks teased: ''Faced with the decision of whether to go to heaven and save Becks' life, or return to Hollyoaks and save the fate of his friends, which path will Doug choose?"

The scenes will air on Boxing Day, Monday December 26th at 6:30pm!

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