Home And Away Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 28th November to Monday 2nd December!

This week on Home And Away, Charlie and Brax's relationship gets complicated as Hayley comes between them. Meanwhile, Casey faces the court and Dexter worries about the safety of his little sister Sasha as she gets closer to Stu.

Monday 28th November

The night before his court appearance, Casey comes home to find that Heath has thrown a raging party at his house. The following day, when he stands in court for the arson attack on Jake's, Casey’s lawyer Hayley defames Charlie by outing her relationship with Brax in court. Despite Hayley’s efforts, Casey is found guilty and sentenced to 30 days in juvenile detention. After losing track of Sasha at the Year 12 party, Dex pulls her from the backseat of Stu’s car and, with help from Roo, delivers her home to Sid. The next day, Dex gives Sasha an ultimatum – she has 24 hours to end things with Stu or he’ll spills the beans about all of the night’s indiscretions. When Stu hears of Dex’s threat he tries a softer tact: he’ll keep her away from the River Boys in future if he can still see Sasha. Meanwhile, Miles struggles with Leah’s suggestion that he walk if he can’t accept the fact she doesn’t want any more kids. After much deliberation, he confronts Leah and assures her he’s okay with her decision – she and VJ are all the family he needs.

Tuesday 29th November

After a passionate goodbye from Ruby, Casey is led away from court. Meanwhile, when Charlie bumps into Hayley she gets the impression that the lawyer is sleeping with Brax – a fact he vehemently denies. Later, Charlie has a change of heart and heads to Angelo's to make up with Brax, only to be sprung by Bianca and escorted away. Unbeknownst to Charlie, Brax and Hayley kiss passionately outside Angelo's. Elsewhere, Miles has decided to stay with Leah and accept her wishes not to have any more children. But, as he continues under the illusion that they've made progress, Leah is privately uncomfortable with his decision and tries to fill her hours working in order to avoid him. Following Gina’s noise complaints against the Braxtons, Heath warns her to stop making trouble for them. But once Heath notices Bianca watching, he changes his tune and makes a public apology to Gina and John – assuring them there will be no more disturbance on their street.

Wednesday 30th November

As soon as the media get wind of Charlie's relationship with Brax, it's only a matter of time before she's left to deal with the fallout. With the truth now public, Charlie decides there's little point hiding her feelings for Brax; however, when she discovers Hayley’s earring in the seat of his car, it shatters all hope of reconciliation. Miles convinces Leah to join him on a beach picnic to take her mind off things, but once underway it’s soon clear that she isn’t having a good time. Later, when confronted, Leah reveals she blames Miles for forcing her to go ahead with the pregnancy. Meanwhile, Gypsy’s plans to patch things up with Mark go awry when Lily reveals her mother's one-night stand with Liam.

Thursday 1st December

Following the revelation about Gypsy's one-night stand, Mark confronts Liam at Angelo's. Forced to question what she wants, Gypsy decides to break up with Mark and Irene, in need of rest during her treatment, finally asks her to return home with Lily. After saying goodbye to Liam, Gypsy leaves Summer Bay - but not without some parting advice for Bianca. April is studying hard for her exams, annoyed that Dex seems to be breezing through it. At the hospital,  during Irene’s chemo session, April meets a student who quietly suggests there’s a drug that could help her study. After Heath refuses to help get hold of them, April pretends to be interested in spending quality time with Dex in order to steal Sid’s prescription pad. Meanwhile, Roo is trying to avoid Harvey, uncertain after being warned away from him by half the town. But when he brings her yet another bouquet of flowers, she agrees to have coffee with him

Friday 2nd December

Sasha and Stu’s relationship goes up a notch when he tells her he loves her. Sasha is over the moon, but Indi is quick to warn her that such intense feelings don’t always work out well. After Stu struggles to get in touch with her and Xavier implies she might have moved on, Sasha later gets the shock of her life when he slaps her. Having been warned away from Harvey, Roo manages to avoid him for nearly a full week before he twigs what’s going on. He realises she doesn’t want to become official and speculates her attraction to Sid as the cause. Roo fervently denies it, explaining her concerns before throwing them out the window and committing to Harvey with a kiss. Having stolen Sid’s prescription pad, April offers to collect Irene’s meds from the chemist – and picks up some ‘study’ drugs for herself. After staying up all night, April invites herself to Dex’s for dinner in order to sneakily return the pad. But will it all go to plan?

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