Neighbours Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 28th November to Friday 2nd December!

NeighboursThis week on Neighbours, the skeletons are coming out of the closet thick and fast as Natasha finally finds out the truth behind her mother's death. Meanwhile, Toadie  suspects that Callum is being bullied and Kate finds it hard to act normally around Noah.

Monday 28th November

Michael fears his secret's in jeopardy when Emilia arrives on their doorstep, pleading to see Tash on her birthday. Michael tentatively agrees and is relieved to find he can trust Emilia. Tash, Michael and Emilia warmly bond while sharing memories of Helena. However, when Tash receives Helena's death certificate and discovers that she drowned, she realises Michael's been lying to her all her life. Confronting Michael and Emilia, will Tash finally learn the truth about her mother's death? Toadie worries that Callum's being bullied because of his part in shutting down PirateNet, little realising that he's just been caught in the crossfire of the Year 12 muck-up day celebrations. When he realises Toadie's mistake, Callum plays on his sympathy to get more presents. Frustrated the bullying seems to be getting worse, Toadie complains to Sonya and, after being reminded that it's muck-up week, sets out to teach Callum a lesson. Kate can't shake the feeling that someone's been snooping around in her room. Finding out Noah's been at the house, she confronts him, only to realise her guilty conscience is making her paranoid.

Tuesday 29th November

Shell-shocked Tash takes in the news her mother drowned, shutting Michael out in the process. Confused and angry that he hid the truth for 16 years, she turns to her aunt. Emilia explains Michael was trying to save Helena when she drowned, and Tash wrestles with this new knowledge, coming to an understanding of what her dad must have been going through. However, when she once again experiences the sensation of rushing water in her ears, she puts the missing pieces together. Fearfully asking Michael about her part in the tragedy, devastated Michael breaks down, confirming that she'd wandered into the water and Helena went in after her. Tash is left reeling, realising her mum died because of her. Finding that Callum's again exceeded their download limit, Toadie concedes to increasing their internet package, thinking he can easily afford it. But Sonya urges him to help teach their son the value of money, getting unenthusiastic Callum a job as a paper boy. Toadie's reluctant, but they realise they need to present a united front as parents, and Callum is left with no choice. Hoping to help ease Summer's guilt for the downfall of PirateNet, Susan makes an emotional plea to the council. Ajay Kapoor agrees to look into it, but her plans are thwarted when Paul runs a headline condemning the council's actions. Paul defends himself, pointing out PirateNet is collateral damage in a bigger war against the shopping centre, leaving Susan frustrated.

Wednesday 30th November

Having failed to assuage Tash's guilt over her mother's death, Michael worries that she won't cope if she learns any more and so warns Emilia to keep her distance. He's given cause to feel hopeful after Chris steps in to offer his support and Tash seemingly pulls herself together to sit her exams, but his mood darkens when he later spots Emilia with Lucas. Meanwhile, Susan can't ignore her instinct to support Summer's crusade to save PirateNet. Against Karl's judgment, Susan reminisces with Sonya about the powerful activism of yesteryear, giving Summer the idea to hold an old-fahioned sit-in after exams are finished. However, Susan is dismayed when the teen organises a sit-in during the English exam, and is forced to admit Karl was right.

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