Emmerdale soap synopses for the week from Monday 28th November to Friday 2nd December!

This week in Hotten, Cain stirs trouble between siblings Jai and Priya, Katie has doubts over her relationship with Declan, Moira realizes it's time to move out of the farm and Zak gets tough on Amy!

Monday 28th November

Charity is stunned when Jai suggests that they call off the wedding. Zak is suspicious as to what is happening between Amy and Belle. Meanwhile, Katie is frustrated by how distant Declan is being towards her.

Tuesday 29th November

Jai gets frustrated with Priya and loses his patience with his sister. Katie is at the end of her tether with Declan, is she ready to end their relationship? Pollard tells Val to keep her plan under wraps.

Wednesday 30th November

Cain encourages Priya to get back at her brother Jai after he snapped at her yesterday, what is he trying to do? Katie doesn't know how to answer Declan. Amy goes into labour with nobody at her side, how will the terrified teenager cope?

Thursday 1st December - Hour Long Episode

A terrified Amy gives birth alone. Moira decides that it's about time she moves out of the farm. Meanwhile, how will Hazel cope when she makes a really shocking discovery?

Friday 2nd December

Amy isn't pleased when David reveals her secret to everybody! Zak tells Belle to stop sticking up for Amy whilst John is heartbroken when Moira leaves the family home.

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