Coronation Street Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 28th November to Friday 2nd December!

This week on Coronation Street, a confused Sophie can't fight her feelings for Amber anymore, the Christmas Nativity Auditions begin and David and Kylie panic when they're unable to find little Max, is he in any danger?

Monday 28th November

Kylie and David are frantic with worry as they search for a missing Max, where has he disappeared to? Meanwhile, Nick and Eva grow closer as they take the law into their own hands and Michelle has a positive outlook as things begin to look up for her.

Tuesday 29th November

Kylie lays down the law regarding Max to a stunned Becky! Meanwhile, Nick and Eva cosy up whilst they hide from the security and Sophie is horrified when she sees Amber getting close to Arj, is she jealous?

Thursday 1st December

Sophie bites the bullet and tells Amber that she has feelings for her, how will she respond? Simon opens the auditions for the nativity with an interesting impression of TV legend Cilla Black! Becky takes a step back to allow Max to bond with his family.

Friday 2nd December

Episode 1

Sian is taken aback when Sophie makes a surprising suggestion. Faye isn't happily when Owen replaces her shed with a pond and Nick reacts angrily when mum Gail interferes in his relationship with Eva.

Episode 2

Sally has a frantic trip back to the house to make, will she get there before Sophie and Sian take their relationship too far? Tommy offers Tina a much needed shoulder to cry on after she is dumped by medic Matt.  After a tough couple of weeks meanwhile, Lloyd lets it all out as Stella supports him.