Eastenders episode synopses for the week from Monday 28th November to Friday 2nd December!

EastendersThis week on Eastenders, Derek settles into Walford life but has Roxy uncovered some interesting information on him? Meanwhile, Yusef is delighted when the Masoods' divorce comes through and Zainab hears about Masood and Jane.

Monday 28th November

Whilst trying to dig the dirt on Jack ahead of her custody battle over Amy, Roxy accidentally uncovers some startling information about recently returned Derek Branning. Rainie finds it hard to forgive Tanya over the revelations of last week as the Branning family all crowd round her as she undergoes more cancer treatment. Billy is worried after Lola does a runner ahead of a social worker's visit, where is she and what does he do?

Tuesday 29th November

Denise and Heather catch Rainie and Derek in a compromising situation as they give into temptation. Meanwhile, Jack and Roxy's temporary custody battle over little Amy begins and Billy seeks a solicitor's help as he fights to keep Lola and the unborn baby living with him. Yusef, meanwhile, plots his move with Zainab to Pakistan when the Masoods' divorce comes through.

Thursday 1st December

Phil ransacks Jack's apartment, suspecting him of knowing more than he is letting on. Alfie buys dodgy washing machines from Derek as he tries to raise money for  buying the Queen Vic. Meanwhile, Zainab agrees to go to Pakistan with Yusef after a proposal, spurred on by her upset over finding out about Jane and Masood but when she has second thoughts, Yusef hits the roof.

Friday 2nd December

Yusef is surprised when Zainab throws him a birthday party but who has found out about his plans to take Zainab to Pakistan and why aren't they happy about it?  Syed asks Janine for money after the bank turns down his business proposal but is he selling his soul to the devil? Alfie recruits cousins, Anthony and Tyler to shift the washing machines whilst Janine recruits Derek to get rid of squatters much to Michael's dismay.

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