Dramatic 2011 season finale twist revealed for C5 soap 'Neighbours'!

NeighboursThis year's dramatic season finale on C5 soap Neighbours is set to see teenage mechanic Chris Pappas (James Mason) a victim of a brutal attack, a report has claimed. Chris who is openly gay will be attacked and left for dead at work, TV Week have claimed.

Chris is rushed to hospital following the shock attack after he is found lying unconscious at the garage. Although it has not been revealed who is behind the mysterious attack, it comes in the wake of another incident with homophobic customer Warren Burrell making the man one of the prime suspects!

Earlier this year, Mason told Digital Spy that his (Chris') new love interest, nurse Aiden will meet the lad through a dramatic incident. Speaking at the time, he said: ''"Let's just say that Chris is involved in a potentially life-threatening experience which will also have a major impact on some of the other characters. And through this incident, he meets Aidan."

Meanwhile, the building romance between Kyle Canning (Chris Milligan) and Jade Mitchell (Gemma Pranita) will also come to a conclusion at Christmas time after unable to deal with their frustrating inability to confess their true feelings to each other, Jade unexpectedly leaves Erinsborough but can Chris convince her to come home?

All of this will air next month down under on Australian digital channel Seven whilst UK viewers can expect to see the drama in early 2012.

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