Sunita to make a shock decision on ITV1 soap 'Coronation Street' next year!

Sunita Alahan (Shobna Gulati) will quite her job in the corner shop in the New Year, fed up with her partner Dev (Jimmi Hasharkin) taking her for granted. The frustrated Weatherfield woman will apparently quit her job in the near year, according to the Daily Star and it won't be long before she's got a fellow resident knocking on her door as she's offered a few shifts at Coronation Street's iconic pub, The Rovers Return!

Sunita will begin to become frustrated at her partner as he begins to spoil rebellious daughter Amber Kalirai (Nikki Patel), buying her a car for her birthday and giving her the day off. This special treatment leaves Sunita feeling unappreciated and frustrated as her husband never seems to recognize the amount of work she puts into his business alongside looking after twins Aadi and Asha.

The frustrated woman fumes at Dev: ''I'm not taking any more of this. I'm fed up of being treated like a slave while Amber gets away with murder, so you can take this job and shove it because I'm out of here." However, she's pleasently surprised when, following her decision to quite her work in the shop, she's approached by bar manager Stella Price (Michelle Collins)  who believes that she would be an asset to the team and quickly offers her a job pulling pints behind the bar.

The storyline will air in the New Year.