'Home And Away' lass set to have a one night stand with fellow Summer Bay resident!

Home And Away's April Scott (Rhiannon Fisher) is set to have a one night stand with member of gang 'River Boys' Heath Braxton (Dan Ewing) following her break-up with boyfriend Dexter Walker (Charles Cottier). The teenager will lose her virginity to the bad boy as part of a rebellion.

The Summer Bay student initially plans to get back at Dex as she starts to flirt with her ex-boyfriend Xavier Austin (David Jones-Roberts) but after a chance meeting with Heath at the beach, the duo end up in bed together as they bond over their troubled lives.

Fish told magazine TV Week: ''When I found out about this storyline, I was shocked. But Heath's always sort of there for her, plus he's hot as hell! She thinks, 'He's not that bad - he's pretty good-looking and he's interested'. The age difference isn't something she really thinks about."

She added: ''April would like there to be a future, but I think Heath sees this more as a one-night stand." The scenes will air later this month in Australia and in early next year here in the UK!

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