Hollyoaks Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 14th to Friday 18th November!

This week on Hollyoaks, it's a dark week for resident detective Ethan as he continues to isolate himself from the rest of the village but as he gets behind the wheel and picks up his mobile phone, his careless actions have major consequences for new student Rob, will Rob survive?

Monday 14th November

Ethan returns to the village feeling more isolated than ever but his desperate search for reassurance leaves new guy Rob’s life in jeopardy when he stupidly texts while driving .  Cheryl excitedly busies herself ahead of Brendan's release but isn't prepared for what awaits her at the prison whilst Annalise is forced to re-evaluate her relationship with Rob and Rhys' attempts to reunite with Jacqui don't go according to plan.

Tuesday 15th November

In his darkest hour a desperate Ethan turns to Theresa for help but is he about to sell his soul to the devil?  Annalise takes Rob's no-show as confirmation that their relationship is over and wastes no time in moving on until a knock on the door brings her world crashing down around her.  Gilly provides a much needed shoulder for Cheryl to cry on and a new Savage arrives in the shape of Dodger and Will's cousin, Dennis.

Wednesday 16th November

Time is running out for Ethan as Theresa finally sees his true colours and refuses to keep his secret.  Annalise tries to bury her near kiss with Scott as she hurries to Rob's bedside.  Jacqui tries in vain to dissuade Cheryl's growing closeness to Gilly whilst Dodger solves his Dennis-shaped problem by persuading Texas to let him move in with her.

Thursday 17th November

Ethan struggles to keep his crime secret as Theresa decides enough is enough.  Rob desperately tries to remember what happened on the night of the accident.  Dodger's womanising ways finally catch up with him - and Will and Dennis are left to face the consequences whilst Leanne sets her sights on a new boy in town.

Friday 18th November

Unable to cope with Gilly's constant presence Rhys and Jacqui make plans to leave Hollyoaks as an afternoon of passion with Cheryl proves too much for Gilly.  Annalise struggles with her feelings for Scott and the part she played in Rob's accident.  Warren enjoys making Ethan squirm and Michaela's first rehearsal with the band doesn't go quite so well...

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