Home And Away Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 14th to Friday 18th November!

Home And AwayThis week on Home And Away, Irene struggles as she receives her first bout of chemotherapy. Meanwhile, Leah continues to push Miles away in the wake of her miscarriage and Gypsy gets settled in the Bay as she encourages Liam to perform.

Monday 14th November

When the scheduled act pulls out of the gig at Angelo's, Gypsy persuades Liam to perform. Although it's a success, Bianca can't help but worry that Liam is vulnerable to falling back into old habits - and her frustrations only deepen as she clocks Gypsy's attraction to him, calling her out for two-timing Mark. Meanwhile, Irene struggles with the effects of her first round of chemotherapy; and Leah begins to shut out Miles in the wake of her miscarriage, prompting VJ to confide in Elijah his fears that this might signal the end of the couple's relationship.

Tuesday 15th November

Casey is worried in the aftermath of the arson at Jake’s place, but Ruby assures him he’s in the clear – as long as he keeps his nose out of trouble. However, when Ruby learns that Charlie is close to making an arrest, she rushes to warn him; with no time to spare, Heath takes Casey on the run. Elsewhere, as Leah continues to pull further away from Miles, Irene is still struggling with the effects of chemo as at home the tension builds between Gypsy and Bianca. After overhearing the girls fighting, Lily is excited by the prospect of Gypsy leaving Mark for Liam. But will Gypsy decide that her new flirtation will only complicate things?

Wednesday 16th November

Leah decides to go back to work in an attempt to keep busy, trying to shut out her grief. Miles feels helpless, and it's soon clear that Leah is angry with him – but what can he do to get her to open up? Meanwhile, Charlie gives Brax 24 hours get Casey to the police station and face charges. Following her advice, he tracks down his brother and convinces him to turn himself in, berating Heath for getting involved by taking him on the run. It is Sasha’s first day of school, and Dex tries to offer some wise brotherly advice. But instead Sasha skips class and meets Stu. When Dex finds the pair skipping school and hanging with River Boys on the beach he tries, unsuccessfully, to take her home. Is Sasha headed for yet more trouble?

Thursday 17th November

Sid finds Sasha on the beach with Stu and berates her for fooling around on her first day of school. But when Dex gives him the full story, Sid wastes no time warning Stu to stay away from his daughter. Feeling rejected, Sasha hangs out with River Boys on the beach but, when she tires of their antics, has a hard time breaking away. Xavier comes to her rescue and takes a punch defending her honour. Meanwhile, Roo and Harvey’s romance blooms, despite an awkward mid-date rendezvous with Sid and the Walkers at Angelo’s. But Harvey is worried that Roo is holding back – until she proves her feelings by planting a kiss on him. Elsewhere, Romeo is becoming increasingly frustrated with the business partnership and confronts Harvey, warning him to start pulling his weight.

Friday 18th November

After Romeo confronts him and demands he start pulling his weight on the Blaxland, Harvey promises to up his game. However, the next day, Harvey instead tells Alf that Romeo has been skipping chores. A frustrated Romeo pulls Harvey up on his double-crossing behaviour, only to be dismissed as paranoid.

When Sid discovers Sasha is getting mixed up with the River Boys he tracks her down at the beach, where he again catches her with Stu. Having been banned from any future contact with him, Sasha is furious that Sid has interfered in her love life. However, after a discussion with Brax and some further consideration, Sid relents, telling Sasha she can date Stu as long as they follow some simple rules. Elsewhere, Irene is still struggling with her chemo and is treated for dehydration. During this, April realises she wants to study medicine. On a whole other wavelength, Dex hopes they can take their relationship to the next level, but it’s clear all April is focussed on now is her HSC.

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