Neighbours Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 14th to Friday 18th November!

NeighboursThis week in Ramsay Street, Karl forms a bond with an unlikely new ally, is he set to become best buddies with his colleague Rhys? Meanwhile, Susan encourages Summer to release her potential and Kate is haunted by memories of Brennan after she makes a mistake.

Monday 14th November

Kate is shell-shocked when she discovers the truth about Brennan. Processing the news, she's unable to tell Sophie – or discuss it with Sonya. When she does crack, it's with someone she didn't expect – and the emotional situation drives her to do something impulsive. Meanwhile, Toadie and Sonya try to help Callum come to terms with the news. Toadie is left feeling guilty when a work meeting means he has to leave his family when they need him, and he's later chastised by Sonya when he buys Callum an expensive gift to cheer him up. Rhys wants Jade to make a financial contribution to his new barbecue – and when she refuses, he sets about making it clear that she needs to play by his rules.

Tuesday 15th November

After kissing Noah, Kate knows she’s made a huge mistake and is left haunted by memories of Brennan. Seeing her at braeking point, Lou offers his support and helps give her some respite, paying for Sophie to go away on her music camp. But when Noah leaves a gift on her doorstep, Kate knows she must put a stop to his infatuation. Despite explaining to him that she made a mistake, it soon appears that Noah is more persistent than she thought. Meanwhile, Karl uses a night out with Malcolm to escape his troubled home life - the only dampener being a a chance encounter with Rhys, who ropes them into a golf game with him and Martin. Unexpectedly, and at the expense of Malcolm’s dignity, Karl and Rhys find common ground and bond. Could this be the start of a new friendship? Summer is feeling frustrated with her portfolio, fearing she’ll never get into journalism with her story on the history wall. As a result, Susan encourages her to dig deeper to find an issue that will get people talking. While watching the time-lapse camera footage from history wall, will Summer spot the crucial moments that could be the making of her career?

Wednesday 16th November

After a run-in with Sonya, Dane is determined to stop the shopping centre development on Kyle's behalf. He seemingly finds a chance when he hears a rumour of corruption between the developers and the local council, and takes his findings to Paul and Susan. Frustrated when they insist on needing time to investigate, Dane approaches Summer, knowing she needs a story. When Paul goes on to reveal that the rumour may be false, will Dane let Summer run with the story and jeopardise her career? Working hard to put her recent problems behind her, Kate focuses on an important teaching assessment at school - only for Noah to throw her off track by revealing that he's been in love with her all along. When the revelation causes Kate to stumble during her presentation, her tutor demands an explanation. Realising when Noah steps in to save the day that he’s getting too close for comfort, Kate firmly rejects his love, adamant she doesn’t feel the same way. But has she done enough to push him away? Meanwhile, Susan is both surprised and frustrated when Karl shirks his responsibilities, acting like a single man. But when she complains to Malcolm, he gives her a wake-up call, making her realise she now has to let Karl live his own life.

Thursday 17th November

As Michael finally opens up to his therapist, Tash’s aunt Emilia leaves a present on the Williamses' doorstep – and it’s only a matter of time before the two worlds collide. Will the mystery gift change everything?

Dane’s torn about whether or not to stop Summer from running the story he gave her, hopeful it could save Kyle’s business but fearing at the same time that she could be in trouble should it prove to be false. When he realises Summer’s university dreams are at stake, Dane turns to Paul, who only deepens his dilemma when he questions his expectation of reward without risk. Elsewhere, Lucas comes to the rescue of a damsel in distress, little realising her connection to Ramsay Street.

Friday 18th November

Unable to resist his curiosity, Michael opens the mysterious gift left for Tash and is stunned to discover items that belonged to his late wife. Suspecting he knows who’s behind this, Michael hides from his daughter both the present and what he knows, and later ransacks her schoolbag to find the phone number for Emilia’s beauty salon. Having been unsuccessful in his search for her, Michael is shocked when the following day he returns to find Emilia on Ramsay Street. Meanwhile, Lucas uses the boot she left behind as an excuse to see Emilia again, but is disappointed when she rejects his offer of a date. Now aware Lucas knows Michael and Tash, Emilia is hesitant to pursue Lucas, but when he cheekily books a beauty appointment with her, she finds herself unable to resist being charmed by him. After a painful waxing session, Lucas has lost some hair but earned the chance to take Emilia out for dinner. But will he still be interested when he finds out who she really is? Clocking the flirty banter between Malcolm and Jade, Karl warns Malcolm to watch his step. Defensive Malcolm initally denies there’s any reason to worry but, when Jade persists, soon realises it would be wise to follow his father’s advice.

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